Wejdene validated by Eva Queen: “She is right not to listen to people” (Interview)

Wejdene validated by Eva Queen: “She's right not to listen to people” (Interview) At only 16 years old, Wejdene is discovering fame and its advantages and dangers, such as harsh criticism from Internet users. A situation that Eva Queen knows well since she also happens to be the target of haters. The interpreter of Chelou therefore does not fail to show solidarity with the singer of the hits Anissa and Coco and to defend her.

Imen Es, Marwa Loud, Eva Queen, Aya Nakamura, Wejdene … French urban artists are more and more numerous! They gradually take the lead, but the two queens of the moment remain Eva Queen and Wejdene, who is only 16 years old for the record. The two singers are a hit with their hits Chelou , Lingo , Anissa, Coco and the protégé of Feuneu is about to release her first album “16”: see you on September 25, 2020! Everything is smiling on them for the moment, but fame is not always all rosy.

“Wejdene makes me think of myself a lot at the beginning”

If Eva Queen has been experiencing the drawbacks for over a year, Wejdene is beginning to discover them and it is not always pleasant, especially to receive criticism from the haters. At least the 16-year-old performer can count on Jazz's little sister to support her and deliver a glowing speech about her in interview with PRBK: ” She's too cute. She reminds me a lot of myself at first, because you see, she's very cute, a little carefree. She does her thing the way she likes it and she's right not to listen to people.

Eva Queen also reacted to those who tackle Wejdene because she uses autotune: ” I don't know, did you hear Wejdene's voice in real life or not? I don't understand, it looks like you went to her. room, knock, and see if she sang well or not. She sings well, I tell you , “explained the interpreter of On Fleek to Purepeople.

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