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VK 2M Weir, UNM comply with half methods at finish of season » Albuquerque Journal - The Times Hub

Weir, UNM comply with half methods at finish of season » Albuquerque Journal

Weir, UNM comply with half methods at finish of season » Albuquerque Journal

Paul Weir and UNM have agreed to half methods on the finish of the season. (Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

Paul Weir is stepping down as coach of the New Mexico Lobos on the finish of the season.

The 41-year-old males’s basketball coach, in 12 months 4 of a six-year contract with UNM, got here to an settlement with the college on a buyout, although phrases of that buyout weren’t instantly out there. His contract known as for $700,000 in buyout over the following two seasons, although the settlement reached is believed to be for lower than that. The Journal has realized that UNM Athletics intends to pay all the buyout with privately raised cash.

Weir, who was making $775,000 this season, knowledgeable his gamers of the transfer on Friday evening.


“That is the right time for a transition in Lobo Basketball,” Weir mentioned in a information launch despatched out moments after the Journal posted its preliminary story. “I can’t think about a extra optimum epoch than now for all of us to embrace a contemporary begin. I’m extremely grateful to Eddie (Nuñez, athletic director), President (Garnett) Stokes, and the UNM personnel which have kindly supplied the chance for me to segue my profession in such a courteous method. Their management will certainly make this subsequent chapter of Lobo Basketball the best one but.”

Weir has a 58-60 file at UNM and a five-year profession file of 86-66 that features teaching one season at New Mexico State College. This season, with the crew being relocated out of state for video games due to restrictions associated to the general public well being order in new Mexico, the Lobos are 6-13 general and 2-13 in Mountain West play — alone in final place within the 11-team league.

The Lobos have a recreation Wednesday at Colorado State after which the March 10-13 MWC event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nuñez will deal with media on Saturday morning. A nationwide seek for his substitute will start instantly.

“Paul and I agree {that a} change of management in our males’s basketball program is in our greatest curiosity right now,” mentioned Nuñez in a press release. “Whereas this 12 months has definitely been difficult for Coach Weir, his employees, and our student-athletes, after evaluating the general program, it’s the acceptable time for a brand new starting. I need to thank Paul and his household for his or her dedication and repair to New Mexico and we want them the easiest sooner or later.”

Weir took over a program in decline after 4 seasons of Craig Neal as head coach — and was finally unable to alter that. UNM stays in its longest postseason drought in additional than half a century with no NCAA Event or NIT invitation since 2013-14.

After being picked to complete ninth in his first season, Weir led the Lobos to a third-place end within the Mountain West, and the crew rode a late season seven-game win streak into the MWC event championship recreation towards San Diego State with a berth within the NCAA Event on the road.

In 2019, Weir’s second season at UNM, the Lobos beat No. 6 Nevada within the Pit, 85-58, for the highest win in Weir’s tenure. However the crew stumbled from there, dropping 10 of the following 13 and completed 14-18 general, 7-11 in league play and because the No. 7 seed within the convention event, dropping to Utah State within the quarterfinals.

Weir, who nonetheless owes NMSU a buyout from when he left the Aggies in 2017 after one season, was swept by his former college in 4 video games over his first two seasons.

His third season, with a roster headlined by high-profile transfers, the Lobos jumped out to a 13-2 begin with a sweep of the Aggies and an enormous win in Brooklyn over the Massive Ten’s Wisconsin Badgers.

However in late December 2019, two starters — level guard J.J. Caldwell and middle Carlton Bragg — had been suspended after being accused of crimes for which, finally, neither was charged.

Caldwell by no means performed once more. Bragg returned for 2 video games in January 2020, solely to later be dismissed after a DWI arrest. Later that season, after a highway loss at Nevada and former head coach Steve Alford, crew members attended a celebration again in Albuquerque hosted by Lobo senior JaQuan Lyle when their constitution flight bought again on the town. On the occasion, two individuals had been shot, together with a UNM softball participant.

Season 4 was essentially the most inexperienced roster in Weir’s tenure with 12 new gamers and 4 new employees members — all going through a season of uncertainty the place video games, and even practices for that matter, weren’t allowed within the state resulting from a strict public well being order.

Even earlier than the season began, the highest highschool recruit in latest reminiscence for the Lobos — Santa Fe Excessive graduate and consensus High 100 recruit J.B. White, who graduated a 12 months early to affix his home-state Lobos — was shot and killed at a celebration outdoors of Santa Fe lower than every week earlier than he was going to maneuver to Albuquerque to affix the crew.

Inside two weeks, the Lobos’ would-be main returning scorer, Zane Martin, transferred, citing uncertainty about whether or not there can be a season in New Mexico. Throughout the season, two Lobo guards — senior guard Keith McGee and freshman guard Nolan Dorsey — introduced they might not end the season.

Via all of it, in what grew to become a traditionally dangerous season for the Lobos, Weir was open in regards to the psychological toll the season and residing out of inns has taken on his crew and the way that was of extra concern to him than any win or loss.

“That was one thing I needed to be at peace with a very long time in the past when this season began and we had been type of confronted with what we had been confronted with,” Weir mentioned on Feb. 3. “… If I needed to follow (when the state well being order prohibited it), if I needed to do sure issues that I in all probability may have gotten away with, we may have achieved these issues, however I simply couldn’t fairly do this. I felt a accountability to those younger males. I felt a accountability to UNM, I felt a accountability to the highschool youngsters on the market that need to play sports activities. To the opposite individuals right here at UNM. …

“I maintain my head excessive, and put my head on the pillow feeling as if no matter query you’re about to provide you with, I accepted these, and I knew these had been coming. And if I used to be apprehensive about these, I wouldn’t have acted this fashion alongside the best way.”

Examine again tonight and in Saturday’s Journal for extra on this story.

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