Wedding prices skyrocket in Israel

Wedding prices skyrocket in Israel

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 Wedding prices have risen sharply in Israel

Planning a spectacular wedding is traditionally considered the most important event in an Israeli's life.

Recently, however, weddings that have never been cheap have skyrocketed in price and become truly sky-high.< br />
The price of a festive banquet today is determined by the price of dinner per guest – at least 350-500 shekels. Previously, the cost of a dinner was 250-350 shekels.

The cost of organizing a wedding itself has risen by 50,000 shekels – from 100,000 to 150,000 shekels. Today “medium” an Israeli wedding with 250 guests will cost at least 120,000 shekels. In most cases, the cost of a wedding exceeds 200,000.

DJ services will cost 7,000, a wedding dress – 15,000, video and photography – 10,000. Many newlyweds are forced to take out a loan to organize a wedding.

Gifts from guests – at best, 500 shekels per person do not cover the cost of organizing a wedding.

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