Weather: Tropical Storm Hilary makes landfall in Mexico, US on alert

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climate The storm claimed one victim, carried away with his vehicle by a sudden rise in water

Weather  : Tropical Storm Hilary makes landfall in Mexico, the United States on the alert

In San Diego, California, on August 20, 2023, before the rains of Hurricane Hilary. — Frederic J. BROWN

Tropical Storm Hilary impacted land Sunday in northwestern Mexico and threatens the southwestern United States, after having killed at least one person in its path. Even downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm, Hilary remains dangerous. At 8 p.m., powerful winds in the order of 100 km/h were sweeping the Baja California Peninsula at San Francisco. 340 km south of the US city of San Diego, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

California Governor Gavin Newsom said state of emergency in most of the southern region of the state. On the border with the Mexican city of Tijuana, San Diego, in the southwestern United States, is preparing to potentially dangerous flooding.

Tornadoes could form

In this large American military port on the Pacific, the United States Navy declared; that ships and submarines would set sail before the storm arrived. “Security remains our priority. absolute, and putting all possible ships at sea makes it easier for us to manage the situation at hand. land,” U.S. Third Fleet Commander Michael Boyle in a statement; release.

Tornadoes could also form Sunday afternoon in parts of Colorado or the Mojave Desert. The U.S. Federal Emergency Response Agency has deployed his teams in the regions that Hilary must cross. According to Nancy Ward, director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Hilary could be one of the worst storms in California. hitting the state for more than a decade. “This is a very, very dangerous and major storm,” during a press conference on Saturday.

A death in Mexico

US President Joe Biden, vacationing with his family on Lake Tahoe, the border of California and Nevada, was informed preparations for the storm on Saturday, said the White House. Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, plan to travel to Hawaii Monday to see the damage caused by the forest fires and learn about the excavations that are continuing.

In Mexico, Hilary and its torrential rains killed one person and damaged infrastructure south of the Baja California Peninsula. The victim was swept away with his vehicle by a sudden rise in water, indicated the Mexican Civil Protection Agency, warning of possible landslides and blocked roads in Baja California.

Sandbags in protection

Residents and staff of the Mexican tourist resort of Los Cabos have begun Saturday to protect homes and businesses with panels and thousands of sandbags as huge waves pounded the shore. The streets of the town of Todos Santos, on the western coast of the peninsula, were largely deserted on Saturday while the beach of Cerritos in San Francisco. proximity was closed, the ocean being very rough.

“Last night we felt the wind picking up, but it wasn’t as strong as it seemed. what we expected. However, we remain concerned,” Marco Segura, a senior resident of 57 years from Los Cerritos.

Storms more powerful with global warming

This is the first tropical storm of the season in Los Cerritos. ; touch down sideways Peaceful. The state government of Baja California, where is the city of Tijuana, has opened temporary shelters.

The Mexican government has deployed; nearly 19,000 soldiers in the states most affected by the storm, while the federal public electricity service sent 800 personnel and hundreds of vehicles to deal with possible breakdowns. According to scientists, storms become more powerful at higher temperatures. as the world warms with climate change.