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Weather in July 2024 in Ukraine – monthly forecast of forecasters

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

>> What will the weather be like in July 2024/Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

We tell you what Ukrainians should expect from weather freaks in July. Find out what the weather and air temperature can be like in the second month of summer and what you should prepare for.

People's forecaster Volodymyr Derkach previously reported on possible coolness at the beginning of July 2024. Has the forecast changed?

The first ten days of July

According to synoptic sites, the first decade of the month is expected to be quite cloudy with occasional rain, especially in the western, northern and several central regions. Less precipitation and more sunny days are forecast in the east and south of Ukraine.

Air temperature

The air temperature will range from +24°C to +28°C, i.e. strong heat is not expected.

Second decade of July

Record temperatures are not predicted in the second decade of July either. The daily maximum will range from +26°C to +30°C, and in the southern regions and Transcarpathia, the temperature may be 1-2 degrees higher. Rains are possible only in the middle of the month.

Third decade of July

Forecast for the third decade of July 2024 has not been released yet. However, the weather forecast will be updated as new information becomes available.

In general, July 2024 in Ukraine will be hot, with mostly sunny days and average temperatures 1-2 degrees above normal.

Weather in July 2024 in Ukraine – weather forecast for the month

Heat peak

The first half of the month will be especially hot, with maximum temperatures up to +32°C and higher in some regions. The highest temperatures are expected from July 5 to 15.

Gradual decrease

In the second half of July, the temperature will gradually decrease, but the weather will remain summery and comfortable for recreation.

Precipitation in July

Precipitation will be unevenly distributed across the country. The most rain is predicted in the western and northern regions, as well as in the Carpathians.

Water temperature

The water temperature in the Dnipro in July 2024 will be comfortable for swimming, on average +20°C – +24°C.

Whatever the weather in July – listen to Radio MAXIMUM. We guarantee a sea of ​​positivity and always a sunny and warm vibe.

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