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Weather in April 2024 in Ukraine – weather forecasts for a month

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar27,2024

>> What will the weather be like in April 2024/Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

March was characterized by rather changeable weather. Instead, we should expect more heat and sun in April, although it will not pass without temperature fluctuations.

People's forecaster from Volyn Volodymyr Derkach told “Telegraf” that at the end of March and the beginning of April there will be warm weather weather.

What weather to expect in April

The first decade of April will continue the trend of moderate temperatures since March, there will be quite a bit of precipitation. But gradually the air temperature will start to rise and become quite warm,
– he noted.

If we talk about the second decade of April, then it will be accompanied by minor rains. They will cause certain temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it is worth waiting for both cooling and warming for a short time. However, according to the forecaster, the daytime temperature will still be higher than what is considered the norm in April.

Please note that the period of precipitation will come to an end when the third ten days of April begins. After that, it should be expected that the weather will stabilize. And that by the end of the second month, it should no longer deteriorate.

In Lviv in April, you should expect weather with a minimum amount of precipitation. At the end of the month, the air temperature will warm up to 20 degrees with a plus sign. At the same time, at the beginning of the month, we urge you not to hide warm blankets, because it can still be quite cool at night.

Weather in April 2024 in Ukraine – weather forecast for a month

In Kyiv in April will be cloudy with clearings. The maximum air temperature is up to 22 degrees with a plus sign. A lot of precipitation is not predicted, so don't worry if you forget your umbrella at home.

>> Residents of Odesa and guests of the city will also be pleased with the weather in April. Much more sunny days are expected. Also, the month will be warm, and closer to May, the sun will steadily warm the air to 18-20 degrees with a plus mark. If we talk about precipitation, it will be extremely little.


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