Weather Forecast for Weekend 18–19 Cherniy: Spekotny Weekend from Saturday's Thunderstorms

Weather Forecast for Weekend 18–19 Cherniy: Spekotny Weekend from Saturday's Thunderstorms

Weather Forecast for Weekend 18–19 Worm: Great Weekend with Saturday Thunderstorms

The final chord of this year will be discussed. If so, on Saturday in some regions of the country, thunderstorms will pass, and the axis of the week, for the tribute, the fall does not recede.

The weather on Saturday is 18 worms

Thunderstorms will pass at the peak of Ukraine, as well as near Sumy, Chernigiv, Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions. The average temperature again during the day becomes +22…+25 °С, at night — +12°C +16°C. At the center, at the entrance, the edges of the fall are not clear, and the thermometers show +9°+13°C in the evening to +23°C +25°C in the afternoon. In Transcarpathia it will be spicy — up to +28…+29 °S.

Weather for the week of Cherny 19

In most regions of Ukraine, the weather will be spicy and sleepy — at the very hour of trohi vіdvolіktisya on frosty or cold lemonade. In the western regions, thermometers rise up to +28…+30 °С, in Transcarpathia and Volyn — up to +32 °С. In the central regions, it will warm up to +28°C +29°C, the picture will be similar in the capital region. The day temperature is +25…+28°C at the pіvnіchі and skhodі Ukraine. Do not forget at home sunscreen eyepieces, panami and cream with high SPF — the weather on the weekends is even more spicy, so it’s a good thing to protect yourself from the unsafe ultraviolet!

=”ltr”>Meshkantsy Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk and Makіїvka for the sake of going out to the streets only for impudent needs. On Saturday in these regions there is a high (over 150) concentration of solid chastices — unsafe zabrudnyuvachіv again, yakі can damage the immune system. Also, on the entire territory of the region, a high concentration of birch wood and herbs is saved.

Monday weather

The cob of offensive tyzhnya will also be spekotny mayzhe in the usіh regions. During the day, the temperature in the entire territory of Ukraine becomes +30…+33 °С (up to +29 °С near the Kherson region and Crimea), at night — +15°+18°C. Small boards will pass on the afternoon of Monday near Lviv, Volyn, Rivnensky and Ternopil regions, near the reshti regions the weather will be clear on the cob.

Our ancestors believed that a warm and bezkhmarny day on the 18th of the worm guarantees a miraculous harvest of grain in autumn. Pivnіchny wind vkazuvav on speck summer, and vvnіchno-zahіdny — on the board. On Ilarion day (19 chernya) they were chasing after the bjols: as if the stench actively flew over the quarters, the next few days were smoky and sleepy. And the independent girls mayzha spent the whole day in the cities. It was important that the policy of the bur'jan_v or be-yak іnsha robot on earth in Іlarionі day would help to know in life the kohannya and the homeland of happiness.