Weather forecast for the weekend of February 4–5: it will get a little colder in Ukraine

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Weather forecast for the 4–5 of the fierce weather: a little colder in Ukraine Today, the first lute weekend in Ukraine can be spent in a fair winter. According to, the weather for the weekend will be gloomy, with wet snow, mild and mild frosts. Stock up on patience, keep warm and don't forget about mittens!

The weather on Saturday, February 4

On Saturday, dress up warmly — through the air again to be colder, lower the truth. Mayzha on the whole territory of Ukraine, the weather will be bad, there will be little snow every hour. In Kiev, Chernigiv and Zhytomyr regions, thermometry will show -3…-5 °С, in central, as well as Odessa and Kherson regions — up to -5…-7 °С. Night will also be peacefully frosty.

Weather in the week of February 5

Weather forecasters predict mild frosts of -2…-3 °С in the week at the descent, pivdny and pivdenny descent, as well as in the pivnichny and central regions and in Transcarpathia. It will be colder in the western and western regions, down to -4°-6°С. the protyag of the day here fall with snow from the board. On the territory of Ukraine, the day will be gloomy with clearings, a small snow is possible. The weather is not the most comfortable, for those who plan to stay on the streets for a long time, take a thermos of hot tea with you!

Weather on Monday February 6

The weather is bitterly frosty on the cob of tizhny zapanuє all over the country: in the central, pіvdennyh and pіvdenno-shіdnih areas, thermometers will show -2…-4 ° C, in the western, pivnіchnyh and central regions — up to -3…-5 °С. The coldest will be in Transcarpathia — up to -7…-9 °С. The sun is hardly visible because of the gloomy, imovirny small snow and snow with a plank.

People's notes and vіruvannya

It's like a day on Timofіy, 4 fierce, the sun shone, words were minted for early spring. Everything seemed to be covered with snow, they didn’t hesitate, relying on a rich harvest of wheat. the more the voice of the stench blew, the more frost came. On the other hand, on which day it was customary to prepare the houses until spring, calling for an indecent moth, and also to ask guests and give alms. It was important that such simple “rituals” bring home goodness and kindness.

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