Weather forecast for the weekend of August 19-20: heat throughout Ukraine

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Weather forecast for the weekend of August 19–20: heat throughout Ukraine

Illustrative photo from open sources

According to, the weekend weather in all regions of the country will be very hot and mostly sunny. Short-term rains will pass only in the western, some central and northern regions.

Weather on Saturday, August 19

On Saturday, in the south and southeast of the country, the daytime temperature will reach +35 °C, in the east, north and center — +31…+33 °S. It will be a little easier in the west — +27…+29 °С, short-term rains with thunderstorms will pass.

In such hot weather, try to wear clothes made of natural light fabrics and drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. Also, doctors advise to eat less fried, fatty and sweet food, more vegetables and fruits, and in the hottest hours (11:00 & 15:00) to be in an air-conditioned room.

Weather on Sunday, August 20

The weather will not change at the end of the week. In Lviv and in the west of the country, the air will warm up to +27…+29 °С, in the north and in the center — up to +30…33 °C. It will be hottest in the south, east and southeast — to +34…+36 °S. Short-term rains with thunderstorms will pass in all western and northern regions.

Weather on Monday, August 21

The new week will also start with exhausting heat — wear hats and refrain from vigorous outdoor exercise. Up to +33…+35 °С is expected in the east, south and center, in the north — +29…+31 °С, in the western regions — to +27…+29 °C. In most regions, the weather at the beginning of the week will be clear, light rains are possible only in the central and northern regions.

What else do forecasters warn about?

Wormwood and ragweed are actively blooming throughout Ukraine. If you have a tendency to allergies, we recommend limiting trips to nature and going outside in windy weather. Doctors advise to ventilate the premises only in the evening or after rain, to take a shower more often and wash the nose with saline solutions, as well as to switch to a hypoallergenic diet at the end of August and in September.

Residents of Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Kirovohrad, Odesa, Cherkasy , Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, all western regions and the Crimea on August 19-20, you should be careful when dealing with fire in nature. An extreme level of fire danger is expected in these regions.

Folk omens and beliefs

Our ancestors believed that rainy weather on August 19, on Yabluchnyi Spas, foreshadowed severe it's cold, but it's hot — a snowless and warm winter.

On August 20, at Pymena, we went to look at the oak crowns. If there were a lot of acorns on them, they were waiting for a warm winter. And if you saw a cranberry key in the sky that day, you were preparing for an early cold autumn.