“We will not have done something right”: Alberto Fernández admits tough defeat in primaries

September 13, 2021 by archyde

“It is a clear message from an Argentina that said enough to the lie.” This is how former President Mauricio Macri celebrated the result with which the Argentine center-right opposition dealt a forceful blow to the Peronist government of Alberto Fernández last night, by winning the majority of the votes in the primaries for the legislative elections, considered a plebiscite of the official administration.

With 90.07% of the votes counted, the opposition won 38.2% of the votes in the province of Buenos Aires, the country’s main district, compared to 33.5% for the ruling party. In the city of Buenos Aires, the opposition coalition Together for Change reached 48.2% of the votes against the Peronist center-left, which obtained 24.6%, with 98.4% of the votes counted.

The opposition also prevailed in other highly populated provinces, such as Córdoba and Santa Fe. The ruling Frente de Todos lost even in the province of Santa Cruz, a traditional bastion of Kirchnerism and where Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner voted and has her residence. There it was another political force, “Cambia Santa Cruz”, which achieved the preferences.

In addition, Kirchnerism would lose the quorum in the Senate. According to projections, she would lose six seats and be left with 35. There are two less than half plus one that the vice president needs to guarantee the sessions and the most controversial laws, newspaper Clarín said.

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, casting her vote during the primaries, in Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz province, on September 12, 2021. Photo: AFP

President Fernández gave a speech after the defeat of the ruling party in at least 17 provinces. “We will not have done something right,” said the president, at the head of the event, accompanied by Vice President Cristina Kirchner. “Nothing is more important than listening to the people, when the people express themselves it is a fact that we take very seriously, very much in mind (…) I have two years of government ahead of me, and I am not going to lower my arms,” ​​he added.

The so-called Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO) involve the election of candidates from the different political forces that will be presented in the legislative elections on November 14, where half of the Chamber of Deputies and a third of the Senate will be renewed.

“The biggest surprise is the anger with which the people manifested themselves. The ruling party lost 1.2 million votes compared to 2019; This brings them to a figure that, if ratified in November, leaves Alberto Fernández very weak, who already had it, ”Mariel Fornoni, director of the Management & Fit consultancy, told Reuters.

Minutes before the first official results of the PASO were known, former opposition deputy Elisa Carrió foresaw a victory for her sector in the November general elections. “We are not going to be Venezuela. We go as we dream to the Republic with freedom and equality. What moved me the most is the revolution of the poor, who no longer want to be slaves to Kirchnerism or anyone else. The great victory of November is assured. Thank you, thank you, my God, ”said the former legislator of Juntos por el Cambio in an audio that she herself broadcast.

“We will not have done something right”: Alberto Fernández admits tough defeat in primaries

Argentine citizens queue up to cast their vote at an electoral college, during the primaries in Buenos Aires, on September 12, 2021. Photo: AFP

For Martín Rodríguez Yebra, columnist for the newspaper La Nación, the results of the PASO constitute “an opposition tsunami that heralds dramatic hours in government.” In his opinion, the Casa Rosada had not prepared for such a catastrophic outcome. “Dramatic pressure is coming on Fernández and his cabinet,” he said.

And it is that the PASO supposed a plebiscite of the management of President Fernández -in power since the end of 2019-, whose approval is in decline due to the economic crisis, a questioned management of the pandemic and scandals related to the indiscriminate vaccination of relatives the government and the breach of quarantine by the president himself.

“We will not have done something right”: Alberto Fernández admits tough defeat in primaries

A worker disinfects a tray for citizens to place their identity card, in an electoral college, during the primaries in Buenos Aires, on September 12, 2021. Photo: AFP

According to the consulting firm Management & Fit, these elections were surrounded “by a high degree of apathy and disinterest in the elections, the candidates and their proposals.” “This discouragement does not surprise us, as inflation, unemployment and poverty are currently the most pressing issues for more than 54% of those surveyed on a monthly basis,” the consultant said in a report accessed by The Associated Press.

The latest official reports show a poverty of 42%, which in the case of children climbs to 50%; accumulated inflation of 30% so far this year and unemployment of 10%.

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