“We see you, Russians, even in the dark”: the video of Ukrainian snipers shooting down a group of enemy soldiers

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One ​​by one, the officers went down without knowing where the bullets were coming from. SENSITIVE IMAGES

The Ministry of Defense shared images of how they liquidate a group of enemy troops

An enemy group advances on the line of combat. There are five uniformed men who, although they are advancing cautiously, are unprotected on open ground. They become easy prey. He falls first and will not be the last.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry released a shocking video showing how a group of pro-Russian soldiers are shot down by Ukrainian snipers, who are shooting from outside the enemy's field of vision, in a dark field.

When the first one falls, his teammates still don't seem to understand the risk they were all in. They approach, they help him. Realizing he was shot, they aim around him not knowing where the bullet came from.

“We see them, Russians, even in the dark”: the video of Ukrainian snipers shooting down a group of enemy soldiers

The second falls and the soldiers continue standing, without fleeing or throwing their bodies to the ground. Only when the third one falls, do the remaining two start their retreat. While they are fleeing, a bullet hits a fourth agent.

The fifth seems to be fleeing and will be able to tell him, if it hits another battalion from the same side, how he lost his entire group to enemy hands.

The Ministry's video, which does not have a date or place, began to go viral on Twitter, where it was compared to the film Predator, due to the infrared view of the viewer.

We see you Russians. Even in the dark. They will not know peace until they leave Ukraine”, indicated the official Defense account.

New Russian attacks

The Ukrainian authorities reported Thursday that they have intercepted two missiles launched by the Russian Army against the capital, kyiv, and accused Moscow of re-attacking the city in an attempt to wear down Ukrainian forces, after Tuesday's massive offensive. .

Local authorities have indicated in a message via Telegram that the “two cruise missiles have been shot down” and stressed that at the moment “there are no data on casualties or damage ”. “The information is being clarified,” he said.

“We see you Russians, even in the dark”: Video of Ukrainian snipers shooting down a group of enemy soldiers

Residential building hit by a missile on Tuesday (Reuters)

For their part, the Russian authorities have indicated that they have shot down a drone over Crimea, whose remains have fallen on the Kafa power plant, according to information from the agency from TASS news.

Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to the authorities on the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, has said that the facilities have suffered little damage and that the supply has not been affected.

Over the past few months, air defense systems in the area have been brought into action against attacks by the Ukrainian forces in the framework of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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