We pull-pull, but we'll go to pediatric dentistry anyway – so why pull

We pull-pull, but we'll go to pediatric dentistry anyway – so why pull

Only a pediatric dentist can see the first signs of dental problems in a child.

On the eve of the holiday season, even such an unusual one as this year, it is very important to properly prepare for the rest, and most importantly – to prepare the child. And first of all it concerns health, especially dental health. After all, dental problems develop in children rapidly, and parents, even the most attentive and caring, often cannot see the maturing caries until the child begins to complain of pain in the tooth.

Therefore, on the eve of the trip, even if it is a vacation with a grandmother or in the country, you must definitely show your child to a pediatric dentist. It is not for nothing that there are urgent recommendations for regular preventive visits every three months. Many parents may dismiss such advice, because while for many, the stereotype “why treat milk teeth, will they fall out anyway?” or “if nothing hurts, why take the child to the dentist?”

These questions are answered by the chief doctor of pediatric dentistry “Dubnova's Clinic for Children” Oleg Kovnatsky: “Only a pediatric dentist can see the first problem signs and” catch “the process of caries at the earliest stage, when it is still possible to correct the situation with preventive methods or treat the teeth of a child with less complexity and duration of treatment “.

We pull-pull, but we'll go to pediatric dentistry anyway - so why pull

If a child has a rudiment of caries, then there is just no need to wait until he “eats” the entire tooth – the sooner his milk tooth is cured, the easier and more reliable, and the less consequences serious problems can be prevented. And do not underestimate the importance of these very milk teeth – not only a smile, but literally the health of an adult will depend on their current state, on the habit of caring for them, on their position in the future.

If a child complains of pain in the gums, but all the milk teeth are already in place, then there is no need to brush it off – this is a serious symptom. After all, even if it is paid, but a high-quality consultation of a pediatric dentist cannot cost more than your peaceful sleep now and the absence of remorse in the future … Understand, the desire to save a couple of hours of time now can result in the loss of not only months of life in the future, but also a reproach “and why didn't you take me to the pediatric dentist, when everything could still be fixed? ”

The thoughtless thought that in the summer the child will be saturated with vitamins and everything will “fall into place” by itself can lead to the fact that the child is really saturated with vitamins, a phase of active growth will begin, including at the teeth. But they can grow … in the wrong direction! The lack of timely examination of the pediatric orthodontist can lead to the fact that the child will begin to form an incorrect bite. And the sooner you start correcting it, the easier it is to do it, and the active growth phase in this case will be on your side. More precisely – on the side of your child.

If there is a need, then why drag out a visit to a pediatric dentist, complicating the situation every long day? Isn't it better at the first symptoms or at the first “mommy, the tooth hurts” to come for a consultation with a good specialist and either correct the situation, or calm both yourself and your child – if, for example, the eruption of the last, not expected by you, tooth occurs?

If the situation is already running or is developing very quickly – several teeth are prone to caries at once or a tooth is “attacked” from different sides, then there is no reason for panic. In modern children's dentistry, treatment of children's teeth in a dream is very often and quite calmly practiced – not only with “special” children, but also with those who are unable to withstand too long treatment. After all, not every child is capable of sitting in a chair for several hours. Especially if he is a real fidget.

We pull-pull, but we'll go to pediatric dentistry anyway - so why pull

For such cases, there is drug sleep – safe, understandable, predictable. And most importantly – under the supervision of a team of pediatric anesthesiologists. But if you do not need it, then you should not be afraid that it will be “imposed” on you – many children's dental clinics today try to work according to the principle “do not carry out the treatment that is not necessary”: if your child is doing well, then you will simply be praised. In this case, they will not appoint and do anything.

And it's great! To come to a specialist and instead of the horror to which you have already tuned in, to find out that your child is absolutely healthy – isn't this happiness? And the sooner you turn to specialists, the more chances for such happiness! At least in terms of dental health.

Information for writing the material is provided by the website of the Dubnova children's dental clinic “STOMATOLOGIYA”: https://stomatologia.com.ua/detskaya-stomatologiya

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