“We need a good product, we go and buy it” – Business – Kommersant

“We need a good product, we go and buy it” – Business – Kommersant

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“We need a good product, we go and buy it” – Business – Kommersant

Against the background of the scandal with the Vkusvilla advertising campaign, Kommersant asked businessmen, cultural and public figures what is most important for them as consumers.

Evgeny Margulis, musician:

Photo: Irina Buzhor, Kommersant

– I go to those places where I like and will definitely not be deceived. There is a nearby chain of stores, which I have no complaints about, since they have not been seen promoting anything. True, I did not dig that deep …

With shops – it’s like with everything in life: if the attitude towards you is shitty, you will never go there, and if it is normal, and what you buy corresponds to what you want, then you will be happy to walk. The main thing is that everything is close and comfortable.

Elena Hanga, TV and radio host:

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov, Kommersant

– It is important for me that this or that thing is pleasant. I will never give up my beloved little black dress, even knowing that Coco Chanel collaborated with the Nazis. How can I not stop loving the music of Herbert von Karajan or Disney cartoons, and even more so forbid my daughter to watch them for the same reason – the sympathy of the creators to the Nazis.

There are goods in China that are actually made by slaves – Uighurs, but we wear these sneakers and so on, because they are cheap and suit everything. And we don’t think at all about who made them, like now, when we are told about the wrong advertising. We need a good product, we go and buy it.

Andrey Ananov, President of the company “Russian Jewelry Art”:

Photo: Mikhail Razuvaev, Kommersant

– I am a relative consumer – I don’t need so much. But the general principle by which I have been living for a long time is to respect my country, to be a patriot, which is quite natural for my generation. First of all, I try to use what is produced in Russia, and if I want to buy something, I begin to study the possibilities of the Russian market. And only then evaluate the price and quality of foreign goods and make a decision.

Marina Loshak, Director of the State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin:

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov, Kommersant

– The honesty of the seller and the quality of the goods are the main criteria. For me the price-quality ratio is important, and quality is very important. I always read carefully about what I am going to buy, so I am a very conscientious and demanding buyer, who knows what is needed or what I want and is not ready to pay for anything.

Sometimes shopping is a pleasure and sometimes a necessity. A good store is not expensive for me, but smart. It’s nice when you see the concept of customer relations – everything is beautifully arranged, logistically convenient, a wide assortment is offered, a balance is maintained between daily necessary and some rare, exclusive product.

It all depends on who is doing this business and what is investing in it. I want professional honesty, which always equals respect for the people for whom they work.

Alexey Peganov, founder and CEO of the production center “Triumph”, producer of musicals, cartoons and TikTok-house “Emotion House”:

Photo: RIA Novosti

– The most important thing for me is the quality of the products, then the ratio of price and quality. Some people like to choose, buy, spend time shopping, but I don’t like that and make purchases as quickly as possible. For me, being in a store is a must. In clothing, I have chosen several premium brands for myself, which I use all the time. But to be honest, I’m not even particularly interested in brands, quality is more important.

Elizaveta Druzhinina, choreographer, participant of the project “Dancing on TNT”:

Photo: Personal archive of Elizaveta Druzhinina

– I don’t suffer from shopaholism, but I am aware that shopping brings pleasure – I bought a dress, and it’s somehow easier on my soul. I directly feel that the brain begins to work differently. Buying basic things – underwear, T-shirts, turtlenecks, shirts – cheers up especially well. Firstly, you can immediately wear it and the effect of novelty is preserved, and secondly, no special occasion is needed. Putting on new panties in the morning is completely different from just clean ones.

I buy clothes according to my own scheme – I go around four or five brands of the mass market, they all have the same models as the expensive ones. The downside is that all stores have the same models – about eighty percent. Therefore, I choose those things that are not duplicated by all firms. And I buy groceries near my home or use Vkusvilla’s delivery service. The main criterion is freshness.

Kirill Kolesnikov, world parkour champion, TikTok blogger:

Photo: Instagram.com / thekiryalife

– For me, the main thing is not to waste time and money. Parkour is constant movement, jumping. Therefore, if things are of poor quality, I will not be able to feel free and confident in them. In addition, very often T-shirts, pants, and sweaters were torn on me. I’m an athlete, not a shopaholic, but I had to overcome attitudes that shopping is a woman’s business and dressing beautifully is not a man’s. I need to look good, and in this social media has changed my life. Now I like to dress nicely.

Irina Zharova-Wright, Managing Partner of Sesegar Investment Group:

Photo: personal archive of Irina Zharova-Wright

– Over the past 20 years we have been able to choose. Not to grab what has been “thrown out” from the shelves, to get something out of the way, but to enjoy the choice. I am very glad that there is such a choice, and I can choose the quality. I rarely buy, classic in style, but super-quality clothes of premium brands, and at the same time I don’t care how and where this baby cashmere was obtained.

When choosing quality in food, I will refuse a brand or supplier that has gone into quantity. Such stores began to grow faster than mushrooms in the forest, and quality faded into the background to ensure the volume of goods. I will choose less but better. I will refuse services in favor of a small dry cleaner, where they remember my request to return things folded, against the impersonal holding of dry cleaning plants.

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