We must maintain the spring break to avoid upheavals

We must maintain the spring break to avoid upheavals

If the question surrounding the cancellation of spring break divides the population, the world of education could not be more certain: we must maintain the March break.

“We have experienced so many upheavals since March [2020], since the beggining of the school year [à l’automne]. Setbacks, advances, adjusts, readjusts … The fatigue, at the end of February, and the stress will still be palpable ”, immediately launched the president of the Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE-CSQ) , Josée Scalabrini, interviewed at LCN.

The latter indicates that the issue has not even been discussed with the Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge, but she welcomes the position of the Government of Quebec which wants to maintain the break week.

“There are so many things that upset us in education. There are so many challenges we face, let’s let the students and staff take a step back […] to be able to redo the big end until the end of the year, ”implored Ms. Scalabrini.

For her there is no doubt: it is not this week precisely that will save the months of delays accumulated by the pandemic.

“The solution is not in the spring break, it is in the habits that we will adopt by the end of the crisis everyone together to get out of it and to come and support our health network which has been very, very poorly conducted for months, ”noted Josée Scalabrini.

The president of the FSE-CSQ also asks the federal government to pull itself together in order to put in place firm instructions to ensure that people do not fly to the South during the break, as was the case during the Holidays.

But travel is not the only cause of the contagion.

“Doctors [et] specialists have come to say on several occasions that it is also the family bubbles that have not been respected, ”she said.

For Josée Scalabrini, the debate surrounding the spring break is a false debate that does not need to be, when it is better to focus your efforts on finding solutions to limit outbreaks in schools.

“Can you look for other solutions and not say that the mask alone will make the difference?” Because yes, in our schools last week, there were outbreaks, ”she said.

Mrs Scalabrini proposes in particular to bet on the reduction of the size of the classes which would at the same time encourage the catch-up which must be done, at least in part.

“If the air purifier doesn’t change anything, the quantity, the number of students in our classes can make a difference. We have been asking for it since May last year. Why have we never looked into this solution? ”She wondered.


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