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« We have to remember why we are here.  »

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“We have to go back to why we founded the CAQ,” argues MP Donald Martel.

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    If Prime Minister François Legault has found his last few months difficult, what can we say about his party's caucus? “Did you feel it on the pitch? ” ” Enormously! », replies the CAQ MP for Orford, Gilles Bélanger.

    I was told: "Listen to Gilles, your government.. We like you, but we're going to vote for someone else! I listen and ask why. Gilles Bélanger does not hesitate to defend the decisions of his government.

    Gathered in Sherbrooke this week, elected officials from the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) are preparing for the resumption of parliamentary work. New year, new beginning: that's what many are hoping for.

    Even if they accept the political choices made in recent months and they support their leader without reservation, the deputies still serve as lightning rods on the ground. Citizens talk to them and they listen to them. The big question: how to regain the trust of Quebecers in 2024?

    We could have been better, admits the member for Nicolet-Bécancour, Donald Martel. It is not too late, according to him, to do better. Although he agreed with his party's positions, the labor dispute with public sector employees affected him personally. This is also the case for several of his colleagues, all of whom know an affected teacher or health employee.

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    I had to go to the hospital during the holiday season. I didn't feel like saying that it was me, Donald Martel, the member for Nicolet-Bécancour. It’s stupid! I know they are professional. I have friends in these groups and if I feel that I disappoint them or that they like me less, it sure makes me feel good, he says.

    It is false, according to Mr. Martel, to claim that the elected representatives of the CAQ are disconnected from reality. On the contrary, he says, they are particularly sensitive to the issues raised.

    The MP talks about people's attitudes towards him in recent weeks. We sometimes see that they will look at us a little less and avoid us, or it will be sympathetic looks. I don't generally think we're hated. It’s a question of the situation, of timing. At one point I went to the post office and someone said to me, "Mr. Martel, you're going to have to go back up the hill there!". Criticism is more constructive, according to him.

    I am able to accept it because I don't feel that it is derogatory. I live well with that. I tell myself that it may not be ideal for the moment, but I think we are doing good things for Quebec.

    A quote from Donald Martel, CAQ deputy for Nicolet-Bécancour

    Mr. Martel and his colleagues believe that the majority of current governments are experiencing a decline in citizen trust, due to several external factors. The housing crisis and the difficult economic context are among the causes.

    If these decisions had been made at another time, at another time, perhaps it would not have come out the way it came out, but the decisions were made. I have no difficulty defending them, says the member for Mirabel, Sylvie D'Amours.

    But we cannot put everything on the back of inflation or the housing crisis, admits Gilles Bélanger.

    The perception of a lack of humility has an impact. I think that’s where we missed out. All elected officials, not just those of the CAQ, continues the Orford MP.

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    “I have the impression that time will prove us right,” says MP Samuel Poulin.

    His colleague from Beauce-Sud, Samuel Poulin, is not worried. When you survived the pandemic, I can tell you that we are able to get through a lot! His constituency is one of those where dissatisfaction was the strongest with the management of the government. I have the impression that time will prove us right, he adds.

    These elected officials will have the opportunity to express themselves, at the Sherbrooke caucus, about how to start the year 2024 on new political bases.

    I say that the priority is… just to start being good!, argues Donald Martel. We wanted a more efficient system. Quebec more efficient, these are the words of François Legault for 20 years. At some point, you have to remember why you are here. We've improved things, but we really need to make it an obsession.

    When asked if François Legault has forgotten why the CAQ was elected, he hastens to answer: No, François Legault repeats it constantly. Mr. Martel is one of the veterans of the CAQ. This former PQ remains loyal to the CAQ, even if the PQ is experiencing an increase in support in the polls.

    Despite the difficulties, we see that these four deputies have almost total loyalty to their leader, who did not hesitate to take the heat publicly for them, recognizing mistakes.

    None of them criticized it directly, although we asked them several times. The decisions were not unanimous, but that is the other side of the coin for a government, according to them, and a second mandate is always more difficult than the first.

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    Gilles Bélanger, MP for Orford, wants the promise to connect Quebec to the Internet and cellular network to come true 'by the end of the mandate.

    For Gilles Bélanger, it is essential that the CAQ's electoral commitments are realized. He hopes that the promise to connect Quebec to the Internet and cellular network will come to fruition by the end of the mandate, as expected by the regions.

    < p class="Text-sc-2357a233-1 imohSo">We have to return to our platform and redo this work that we may have forgotten along the way because we had an emergency here and there, and we diverged a little from our main path. We must return to our commitments. Let's deliver!

    A quote from Gilles Bélanger, CAQ MP for Orford

    Stay on the priorities of Quebecers. I always come back to that, agrees Samuel Poulin. It’s the doctor, the place in the on-call service, how we can do more with fewer people. And I think we have to keep our eyes on the ball of purchasing power.

    Helping the most vulnerable people comes up in all our interviews with the four MPs. I want to look at helping the most deprived financially, even if it has an impact on the budget, believes Gilles Bélanger.

    Sylvie D' Amours, for his part, pleads for better communication of his government's achievements. She believes that citizens must see the good decisions as well as the bad ones.

    We still have 30 months left. We have a big challenge ahead of us, but it will be a challenge in a good way. I believe that a lot of things will happen in 2024. I am confident, continues Mr. Bélanger.

    Whether it takes three or four years, we have to achieve results and I am convinced that we will get there. We have an obligation to succeed. People trusted us, adds Sylvie D’Amours. Samuel Poulin also believes that his training will be able to prove to Quebecers that they are right to trust us. Ditto for Donald Martel.

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    “We have an obligation to succeed,” says MP Sylvie D’Amours. People trusted us. »

    Gilles Bélanger even draws a parallel with the 1972 Series of the Century. During this historic sporting event, the dominant Team Canada began to shoot from behind against Russia, forcing it to work harder than expected to maintain its position. We must work as a team, together, with humility and modesty, summarizes the MP for Orford.

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