We chose new designs of stamps dedicated to the war

We chose new designs of stamps dedicated to the war

Choose new designs of war stamps

Photo: Ukrposhta

With the help of popular vote, another stamp was chosen called “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”, which will soon be printed by “Ukrposhta” – image with "tractor troops" became the leader.

As the General Director of JSC "Ukrposhta" Igor Smilyansky in the Telegram channel, a total of 834 thousand Ukrainian citizens took part in the voting, and more than 340 thousand voted for “tractors”. The second place was taken by a sketch with Putin being stopped by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with almost 155 thousand votes.

“On the winning topic – during the war, our people constantly supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with captured rashist tanks. What is the value of a farmer who stole an enemy tank or people who took them apart for parts, because “it will come in handy on the farm”! This story as a whole has become indicative in the world and, I am sure, together with other stories, formed the basis of the concept of “Ukrainian bravery”, – Smelyansky commented on the choice of the people.

The stamp is planned to be released in mid-July, in a circulation 5 million marks of 2 denominations or 830,000 sheets of 6 marks each.

Director of Ukrposhta also recalled that 8,000 people voted for the previous brand, this time – a thousand times more.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich