We are still laughed at …

We are still laughed at …

Hospitals are so overflowing with COVID-19 cases on the rise.

The Prime Minister describes the situation as “critical”.

This would be 140,000 postponed surgeries, many of them for serious illnesses where time is a decisive factor.

Behind these statistics, there are human beings.


You have probably read the testimony of Ms. Véronique Gagnon in our pages.

Mme Gagnon, 44, half of her life ahead of her, had a lung removed for a carcinoid tumor.

Now, without this support surface, his heart is damaged quickly.

His intervention was postponed: “My surgeon, just as desperate as me, told me that I was part of the load shedding”.

The government has already prepared a prioritization protocol for access to intensive care beds.

It’s simple: we will prioritize according to the chances of survival.

We are there.

As my colleague, Josée Legault said yesterday : what if it was one of your relatives who found himself on the wrong side of the fateful triage?

Two of my relatives have just gone under the knife.

My fear was not the success of the operations, because our surgeons are wonderful. It was the last minute cancellation.

My little hernia will wait. I keep a little embarrassment.

During this time, the curfew to contain the fire is sometimes presented as an intolerable attack on our freedoms! As if it was terrible and permanent!

Meanwhile, we are learning, thanks to yesterday’s report in The newspaper, the situation on construction sites, major places of contamination.

No masks, no distancing, and it’s swarming with workers.

“Carpentry, plumbing, joint painters, drywall guys, painters, everyone is there at the same time. ”

Workers see the risks, but it is the law of silence.

“For sure I lose my job if my name comes out in the media,” said one of them.

Quebec’s demand to do only the essentials is totally ignored.

Do not come and tell me that all of this is essential, because it is the renovation that is on fire.

“People have time to renovate, so they call us slow. This week, I have 18 new customer requests. It’s stupid, ”says an entrepreneur.

“We will meet at least 20 clients in January, whereas in normal times it would be 2 or 3,” said another, a specialist in renovation.

“We don’t want to say it too loudly, we are blessed, the demand is very high. “


In the office of the Minister of Labor, it is said without laughing that “it is up to each site to determine which operations are essential”.

Can’t it wait for the renovation ?! It’s essential ” ?

The Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ), the employers’ group, says it recommends that its members “exercise judgment”.

“Judgment”? They felt that money, their money, came first.

We are laughed at and I’ve had it so far.


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