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Maslan 2024 pancakes: recipe by Hector Jimenez-Bravo

We are preparing pancakes for Maslana-2024

Maslana is a favorite holiday of many Ukrainians, because it is associated with games, dances and treats. Despite the fact that the holiday has pagan roots, it entered the history of Ukraine and is celebrated to this day.

A Ukrainian chef of Colombian origin decided to share with his subscribers an appetizing pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday. Write down secrets and cook at home.

Radio Maximum continues to look for delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes for Maslyan 2024.

Everyone has probably heard of chocolate butter, but hardly anyone has heard of coffee butter! Today I'm showing you such a sweet and unusual recipe, which will definitely become a must-have for coffee fans and will definitely surprise guests on Shrovetide, – writes Hector.


• Butter – 200 g< br> • Coffee – 1 espresso
• Powdered sugar – 10-30 g (to taste)
• 1 egg
• Kefir – 30 ml
• Soda – 1 tsp
• Flour – 50 g
• Butter – 50 g
• Sugar – 50 g
• Salt

In order for the butter to keep its shape and not dirty other products in the freezer, I used parchment, – noted Hector.

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