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We are preparing delicious berry crumble together with Volodymyr Yaroslavskyi

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

We are making delicious berry crumble together with Volodymyr Yaroslavsky

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Crumble is a traditional English dessert. It is useful, tasty and easy to prepare. So write down the recipe and cook at home.

Ukrainian chef Volodymyr Yaroslavsky decided to prepare a delicious summer dessert. He shared the recipe for berry crumble on Instagram.

All members of your family will definitely like this cake. It will taste perfect with coffee, tea or ice cream.

It will be very tasty if you add a scoop of your favorite ice cream. And you can also make the recipe lean – instead of butter, take 130g of coconut oil and 20g of water, – writes Yaroslavskyi.


– 140g flour
– 100g oat flakes
– 150g butter
– 100g sugar
– 75g nuts (optional)
– Cinnamon and cardamom
– 800g berries
– 100g of sugar
– 30g of corn starch
– 30g of water
– Citrus peel
– Rum

Method of preparation:

1. We prepare the dough. Mix flour and crushed oatmeal, add cubes of cold butter, sugar and nuts.

2. Add a little cinnamon and cardamom to the flour. We mix everything well with our hands or with a pastry scraper, or just an old knife – this is so that the butter does not melt quickly.

3. Small lumps of dough are formed, put them in the refrigerator.

4. We are preparing the filling. Defrost the mixture of any berries, throw it in a pan, add sugar and starch (for the best result, it is better to mix starch with water).

5. Stir and bring the berries to a boil, add a little orange peel and it's done.

6. Put the hot filling in a baking dish, pour the crumble from the refrigerator on top so that the lumps fall apart.

7. We send it to the oven at 185 degrees for 20-25 minutes so that the top turns brown.

8. When serving, top with a scoop of ice cream and enjoy.

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