CdM 2022: Francesco Totti congratulates Qatar and FIFA

Subject to many controversies, the 2022 World Cup is also defended by certain public figures. With this in mind, former AS Roma star Francesco Totti did not hesitate to take a stand by going against the current discourse. “As always there was some controversy before the start, but I can't deny that I enjoyed watching the groups from this World Cup and I'm curious to see what will happen now” , first assured Totti on beIN SPORTS before continuing and praising the work done by FIFA. “I'm sorry that Italy is not there, of course, but in terms of football I have seen good things. And also on the rest, FIFA and President Infantino must be recognized because in recent years football has reached a more global dimension as demonstrated, for example, by the qualification for the knockout stages of the Asian and African teams. >.

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“It's the world championship that celebrates sport, today see national teams like Morocco, Japan or Saudi Arabia who beat the n Argentina, playing at the same level as all the other national teams is no longer a novelty, whereas only a few years ago it seemed impossible. FIFA has invested heavily in these countries, both in training and facilities. In the Middle East there is a great desire for sport and this is a positive thing because, beyond the controversy, football and the values ​​of sport in general are the best solution that can promote integration processes and globalization between peoples and peoples and peoples”.. Words that are likely to make people talk…


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