Watchmen season 2: a possible sequel? The designer definitely closes the door

Watchmen season 2: a possible sequel? The designer definitely closes the door

Watchmen season 2: a possible sequel? The creator is definitely not closing the door after the Emmy Awards Watchmen's triumph during the Emmy Awards ceremony held this Sunday, September 20 allowed Damon Lindelof to turn the page on this HBO series. The creator entrusted it, it is now impossible for him to imagine a sequel without betraying the voters. Warning for spoilers.

Game of Thrones may no longer be here, but HBO has yet again left with a lot of rewards under its arms during the 2020 Emmy Awards ceremony held this Sunday, September 20. Thanks WHO ? Watchmen , the 2019 event series by Damon Lindelof which alone won 11 awards. What to convince the chain to order a season 2? Impossible.

An impossible sequel for Watchmen

Despite the satisfaction felt after this landslide victory, Damon Lindelof recalled that his adaptation was never intended to be anything other than a mini-series. And in the aftermath of his Emmy triumph in that category, he would even feel like he was robbing the competition by continuing the adventure, ” I think it would be a huge betrayal to win the award for” best mini-series ” and then come back . ”

However, the creator has confessed, this universe straight out of Alan Moore's imagination still has potential in store. ” Watchmen is something that I love since I was 13. Someone else created this universe and it was my turn to play with it “, he confided, before opening the door. to other creatives for a new interpretation of the story, ” I therefore invite any artist who would like to take the torch “. On the other hand, good luck to the person who dares to go after the Zack Snyder film released in 2009 and the Damon Lindelof series.

Moreover, do not count on the cast of this fiction to push HBO to order a sequel against the advice of Damon Lindelof. Regina King (the interpreter of Angela Abar in the miniseries) recently told Variety (picked up by Digital Spy), the potential may be there, “ I think there are endless possibilities [ in this story] “, but this Watchmen version 2019 could never be done without its creator,” But if Damon doesn't see the point of a season 2, then that will be a no for me “.

In short, we must turn the page. See you in a few years for another adaptation.

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