Watch the video: Erdoğan was worried about the Iltalehti cameraman's shoes at the NATO meeting - wanted to offer new ones

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The president of Turkey was interested in the rain-soaked shoes of Iltalehti's cameraman at Friday's NATO meeting – and he wanted to offer new ones. This is how Niinistö reacted to Erdoğan's offer. Watch the video of the presidents' discussion about Iltalehti's cameraman's shoes. Jenni Gästgivarkreeta.karvala@iltalehti.fiYesterday at 15:09

At the meeting between the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö and the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a funny episode happened in which the Iltalehti photographer's shoes played a significant role.

Watch the video: Erdoğan was worried about Iltalehti's cameraman's shoesä at the NATO meeting – wanted to offer new ones

Waiting for Niinistö in the rain, Erdoğan was worried about Iltalehti's cameraman's shoes. Jenni Gästgivar

During the protocol meeting between Erdoğan and Niinistö held in Ankara, Turkey on Friday, the Turkish president's attention was stolen by the wet shoes of Iltalehti cameraman Jenni Gästgivar who was working in the rain.

These OK bare shoes woke up Turkey attention of the president. Jenni Gästgivar

The episode started when Erdoğan was waiting for Niinistö to arrive in the courtyard of his presidential palace in the rain. Suddenly, the attention of the Turkish president was stolen by the black “barefoot ankle boots” of Iltalehti's photographer.

Erdoğan seemed to be very worried about Gästgivar's rain-soaked footwear and asked the photographer's shoe size.

Soon Niinistö arrived, and the shoe episode was allowed to go away when the solemn ceremonies began.

The presidents of Turkey and Finland met in Ankara on Friday.

However, the president of Turkey unexpectedly returned to the wet shoes of Iltalehti's photographer. Namely, when the presidents moved on to a bilateral meeting, Erdoğan again drew attention to Gästgivar's shoes and told President Niinistö that “we would like to offer him (the photographer) shoes”.

Niinistö laughed at the Turkish president's offer and stated that Gästgivar's shoes “looks really good”.

After the shoe episode, the presidents moved on to a bilateral meeting and a joint lunch, the focus of which is the ratification of Finland's NATO membership.

Iltalehti's journalists have previously received attention during the NATO process: Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto was signed by Jari Hanska, editor of Finland's NATO applicationlending with a gold-colored pen last May, when the minister did not have an elegant pen suitable for the moment of signing. In the end, the National Museum took the pen into its collections.

At the meeting of the presidents on Friday, the plan is to claim Finland's NATO membership. Jenni Gästgivar, 2a6ee9b.png” alt=”Watch the video: Erdoğan was worried about the Iltalehti cameraman's shoesä at the NATO meeting – wanted to offer new ones” />

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