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Watch as the head of Toyota crashes and flips the GR Yaris

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

Watch Toyota head crash and flip GR Yaris

Akio Toyoda flipped the Toyota GR Yaris/frame from the video

Akio Toyoda is known for his hands-on approach to creating sports cars. The former president and CEO of Toyota even participated in numerous racing events under the nickname “Morisot”.

He is currently the chairman of the company and continues to take an active part in racing. If you need proof, here's a 67-year-old enthusiast behind the wheel of a GR Yaris, but be warned, it doesn't end well, writes Motor.

In December 2023, he crashed the rally version of the hot hatch while passing the Shimoyama track in Japan. It is located on the territory of the Toyota Technical Center in Shimoyama, which was fully operational in April 2024. This is a research and development center that resembles the Nürburgring pit lane from the inside. And yes, Toyoda is behind the wheel, and the co-pilot is the nine-time Japanese rally champion Norihiko Katsuta.

The head of Toyota crashed the rally version of the hot hatch: watch the video

Recently released on-board video footage shows it happened after the rally car crashed into an embankment, leading to rollover GR Yaris. Norihiko Katsuta was the first to free herself from the wrecked car before Toyoda could get out of the car.

The all-wheel drive sports hatchback ended its journey on its wheels to the sky. Fortunately, both were not injured and were able to tell this story at the opening of the research center.

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