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Watch a krillid seal hunt for food near the shore at Akademik Vernadsky Station

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

Watch how a krillid seal hunts for food near the shore at Akademik Vernadsky station< /p> Crileid seal/Open source

Ukrainian polar explorers captured an incredible moment on video. They showed how the krillid seal, the most massive species of Antarctic seal, hunts for food under the shore of “Vernadsky”.

This was reported on the page of the Scientific Antarctic Center.

Although the penguins have already left the vicinity of the Akademik Vernadskyi station, but there are animals that stay near the station even at the beginning of the Antarctic winter. In particular, the krillid seal, which hunted for food right under the shore of the island.

These extraordinary marine inhabitants, with an estimated number of 10 to 40 million individuals, impress with their size – up to 2.5 meters in length and weight up to 300 kg.

In the area of ​​our station, krillids are most often found in the summer-autumn period, when they swim en masse in the surrounding water area on ice floes. Their life in general is very much tied to the sea ice and they often migrate with it. They know how to jump onto ice floes masterfully, although they do not always succeed in this on the first try, – the Scientific Center writes.

They are easily recognizable by their specific forking and elongated snout, which makes them excellent representatives of the Antarctic marine environment.< /p>

It is interesting that this species has special comb-shaped teeth for catching prey. When they close, they form a kind of sieve for filtering water and “delaying” the krill.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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