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Update on guard against four people not authorized to practice the profession of midwife

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In British Columbia, midwives must complete four years of university training and then pass a provincially approved exam before they can work. register with the College.


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The College of Nursing and Midwives of British Columbia has issued public notices regarding four individuals suspected of practicing illegally.

The notices released Monday morning cite Madison Desjarlais and Janice Lim Hing of Greater Vancouver, Jacqueline Soule of Fort St. John and Annick Meckes of Campbell River as saying all four could provide midwifery services and perform reserved acts [. ..] without being authorized to do so.

The notices contain few details, but specify that none of the four women ever had the right to practice the profession of midwife.

The notices come after the College issued a public warning in November regarding unauthorized practice of midwifery. The notice said the College had received reports of tragic outcomes, including deaths, from people using unlicensed providers.

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These people do not have the same training, experience and access to life-saving medications and equipment as midwives, nor the same integration with hospitals for emergency care when needed. , leading to significant risks to the health and safety of birthing people and their babies.

A quote from College of Nursing and Midwives

The College said it issued this opinion due to an increase in the number of complaints, with 13 reports in 18 months.

In British Columbia, the profession of midwifery is regulated. These health professionals must complete a four-year university program and pass a national exam before they can register with the College.

The The title of midwife is protected, and variations such as traditional birth attendant or traditional midwife are considered unauthorized if used by an unregistered provider.

The College of Nursing and Midwives has an online register (New window) (in English) where patients can check whether a practitioner is authorized to practice.

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