A portrait of the late British Queen Elizabeth II, by Andy Warhol, was sold at auction for nearly $856,000. This is an absolute record, given the print work of the American artist.

Portrait of Elizabeth II from the artist Warhol sold for 855.6 thousand dollars

Image source: wikimedia.org
His work was sold at the Heffel auction in Toronto (Canada). It is worth noting that the pre-sale estimate was $375,000, but this price was quickly outbid. Warhol began working on a portrait of Elizabeth II in 1985, a few years before his death. The technique used in the work is photographic silkscreen printing.

The work is based on a photograph of the British Queen taken in the late 1970s by photographer Peter Grujon. The same picture was placed on 4 prints. A few months after completing the main phase, the artist decided to apply diamond dust to his work.

Source: ria.ru


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