Want to be happy

Want to be happy

Jérémy Demay has had a year 2020 filled with ups and downs. While the pandemic has strongly affected his profession, the comedian has had the joy of getting married and becoming a father in recent months.

Jérémy Demay had arrived at the end of his tour when the pandemic struck. Almost at the same time, he welcomed the arrival of his little girl, Loa.

He therefore experienced the confinement of spring in a small cocoon. “Being a dad in a pandemic is rock’n’roll,” he says. It was a tiring and a bit overwhelming time. “

This new paternity makes a little that the comedian did not have too much time to get bored of the scene. “Sometimes you meet artists who say that the public is their drug. But, I don’t miss that much not to do shows. “

Since October, the comedian has started writing a future one man show. The show, still in its embryonic state, has no guidelines for the moment. “Before the pandemic, I was planning to go and start playing in France,” he says. It was obviously postponed. “

Be alive

What also furnished the days of the comedian is his new web program VIVANT, which he designed with host Chantal Lacroix.

This 10-week program aims to help participants access a more fulfilling life. In particular, there will be videos and interviews. Several personalities will collaborate, including Étienne Boulay, Anthony Kavanagh, Maxim Martin and Mylène Paquette.

“I’ve been wanting to do a program like this for two or three years,” says Jérémy. But I had never found the right time or the right way to do it. A few months ago, I called Chantal and she decided to go on board. “

It’s on the show My Maison Rouge Canal Vie that Jérémy and Chantal had known each other. The two artists had quickly developed affinities.

“It was love at first sight as a human being,” says the host. Jérémy and I have the same values. We run on the same things. […] The current context of the pandemic is important. People need a program like VIVANT because this crisis is on the nerves of the world. “

Without proclaiming himself an expert in personal growth, Jérémy Demay begins to know about it, he who has launched three books on the subject (The list, The sequel, The life) which have sold 150,000 copies.

“The thing we all have in common is wanting to be happy,” he says.

Registrations for the web program VIVANT, by Jérémy Demay and Chantal Lacroix, will be possible until Monday, 11:59 p.m. For all information: programvivant.com.

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