Wall street in the red amid concerns about tensions with China

Уолл-стрит в минусе на фоне опасений по поводу напряженности в отношениях с Китаем

May 22 (Reuters) – U.S. stock indexes on Friday declined amid concerns about tensions with China, which had a negative impact on the markets, trying to assess the pace of economic recovery after the coronavirus.

The rhetoric of the President of Donald trump against the plan of China’s adoption of the national security law in Hong Kong on Thursday sparked fears that Washington and Beijing will waive the first phase of the bargain.

“Sentiment is currently very vulnerable to costly evaluations,” said Andrea Cicione, the head of the strategic Department TS Lombard.

“After the shock of the quarantine of COVID-19 we have to go through a normal recession with high unemployment, low capital investment, low demand, and it was not priced in”.

17:58 GMT the Dow Jones index fell by 0.65% to 24.314,12 points, index S&P 500 was down 0.45% to 2.935,23 points, and the Nasdaq lost 0.31% to 9.256,27 points.

(Warrick barn in Bangalore and Paul Akhisar bld spor make in Gdansk. Translate Alexey Kuzmin. Edited By Anastasia Teterevleva)

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