Waiting times between 15 and 60 minutes for Zinemaldia tickets

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Waiting times between 15 and 60 minutes for Zinemaldia tickets

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The computer system works normally and the tickets for the films of sections such as Official and Perlak begin to sell out


Sunday, 12 September 2021, 10:45

Between fifteen and sixty minutes. It is the time interval that moviegoers who want to buy tickets for any of the sessions of the first three days of Zinemaldia, which begins next Friday, must wait.

For yet another year, the massive request since nine in the morning, when the virtual ticket offices have been opened, has stressed the computer systems, which were not enough to offer access to the telematics billboard. Festival sources point out that “online sales are working well, although waiting times are inevitable, between a quarter and an hour. The fundamental thing is that the system works and is responding to requests for access to the purchase of sessions. However, as the morning progresses, tickets for the films begin to sell out, especially those of the sections with the greatest pull, such as Official and Perlak.

Waiting times between 15 and 60 minutes for Zinemaldia tickets

The sale of tickets for the sessions of the first three days is taking place in real time, but as the contingent of applicants cannot be absorbed by the system, it keeps those who are queuing indefinitely. Last year something similar happened and there were times when a virtual queue of a thousand people was registered, even though during the first hour, 700 tickets were sold every ten minutes.

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