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Wab Kinew asks to welcome Palestinian refugees | Middle East, the Middle East eternal conflict

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In his letter, Wab Kinew says that he supports the positioning of Canada, which has chosen to vote in favor of an immediate humanitarian ceasefire resolution. (Archive photo)

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Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offering to welcome refugees from the Gaza Strip.

Wab Kinew says he is particularly concerned about the ongoing humanitarian situation in Gaza.

In his letter sent Friday (in English), (New window) he adds that he supports the position of Canada, which chose to vote in favor of an immediate humanitarian ceasefire resolution earlier in the week.

In this sense, he says he wants to welcome refugees from Gaza to Manitoba, because he considers that this is part of the national posture towards -screw the ceasefire.

Middle East, the eternal conflict

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Middle East, the eternal conflict

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The Premier of Manitoba specifies that this should be done in a way that allows these refugees to return [to Gaza] in the future.

The aim is not to facilitate the displacement of populations, but rather to respond to an ongoing humanitarian crisis with compassion and to help those whose lives are in danger from war and famine.

A quote from Wab Kinew, Premier of Manitoba

Canadian Palestinian Association of Manitoba President Ramsey Zeid welcomes Manitoba Premier's support for the question of the ceasefire and the reception of refugees, but affirms that there is much to be done.

We are ready to help the Manitoba government with translation, housing, educational and general integration of potential Palestinian refugees.

Saturday, a pro-Palestine demonstration in favor of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip also took place in front of the steps of the Legislative Building in Winnipeg.

A few hundred people came to react to Canada's UN vote in favor of a humanitarian ceasefire, which occurred earlier in the week.

Some welcomed the letter from the Premier of Manitoba, like young protester Abdullah Theeb.

I think it's a good thing , But that is not enough. We need a complete ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, he says.

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A hundred demonstrators gathered near the Legislative Building in Winnipeg on Saturday.

Gaza's health ministry says the conflict has already cost 18,600 Palestinian lives.

In an email, the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada explains that it works “in close collaboration with Global Affairs Canada, particularly in its missions in the Middle East […], in order to to help Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their family members leave Gaza. »

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