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VovaZiLvova and Vsyudsvoya presented the joint song “My love is quiet”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr5,2024

VovaZiLvova and Vsyudsvoya presented the joint song

VovaZiLvova and Vsyudysvoya/YouTube

Radio Maximum continues to share new songs with you this spring. This time we are talking about a composition from an incredible duo.

Rapper VovaZiLvova and singer Vsyudysvoya recorded a joint track “My love is quiet”. The song is now available on all music platforms.

The duo performed a lyrical song about love that fills and inspires.

A song about romantic and romanticized love. But from which true Love can be born. The kind that should first of all be for oneself, so that it can be shared with others. Such that, in addition to forgiving the offender, the first thing you need to do is protect yourself and those you love. May each of us have such love. May each of us, thanks to her, have the strength to go our own way, – said the performer in the description of the song.

VovaZiLvova said that he had recently returned from a ten-day training in Vipassana meditation practice, where he finally asked the teacher, “How do you apply the practice to forgive those you cannot forgive?”. The teacher replied that it is necessary to forgive. The artist repeated that he would not be able to, and the mentor said that in such a case, VovaZiLvova would offend himself as well as the one whom he cannot forgive.

I did not look him in the eyes, because tears flowed from my eyes from the realization of the futility and helplessness of his answer, but most of all because I understood that he was right. I don't know why I'm sharing this particular episode with you, but I'm learning to listen to my intuition, and that's exactly where it led me this time, – shared the personal artist.

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