Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Vote of confidence in Éric Duhaime : conservatives are trying to moderate expectations

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Éric Duhaime will receive his first vote of confidence as leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec Sunday.

The Canadian Press

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Éric Duhaime will receive his first vote of confidence as leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec on Sunday, during his political party's congress. Even if former candidates maintain their support for the leader, members of this political party are trying to moderate expectations regarding the approval rate.

Former candidate in Beauce-Sud, Jonathan Poulin affirms that there are internal criticisms of Mr. Duhaime's leadership. I feel that there is discontent, he told The Canadian Press during the congress taking place in Lévis, opposite Quebec.

According to him, the leader runs the party too much alone. Despite this, Mr. Poulin believes that Éric Duhaime is still the man for the job, at least for now.

Mr. Duhaime still has my support, but I hope that he will listen to the complaints that are made to him, because they are serious, and if he does not listen to them, he will not be able to not complain if members ask for his departure or do not give him their confidence, he explains.

Former candidate in Beauce-Nord, Olivier Dumais is more optimistic. I think the vote of confidence is going to be good, very good, he assures.

But what is a good approval rate? Mr. Dumais hesitates before responding. This is an excellent question […]. I think that above 70%, 80%… Above 80%, I think it's going to be very good, he finally says.

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Éric Duhaime gave a speech at the opening of the convention of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Saturday in Lévis.

In May, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, obtained an approval rate of 98.6%. Two months earlier, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, had reached a rate of 98.5%.

Saturday, the Conservative leader did not want to comment on what he would do if he obtained a very low score . I'm going to let the members vote, he said.

At a press conference Friday in Quebec, Éric Duhaime said he didn't care. ;expect a stratospheric result like that of the Prime Minister. Instead, he thinks he'll get a decent score.

A conservative source estimates the leader's approval rating could be between 75% and 85%. In 2005, Bernard Landry slammed the door of the PQ after obtaining 76% support in a vote of confidence.

L' Former Conservative MP Claire Samson estimates that Éric Duhaime could obtain around 85% support. I think the party is moving in the right direction, she maintains.


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