Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Vote of confidence: Conservative leader Éric Duhaime obtains 77% support

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Éric Duhaime gave a speech at the opening of the convention of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Saturday in Lévis. (Archive photo)

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Conservative leader Éric Duhaime has obtained 77% support during the vote of confidence which took place at the weekend in Lévis, a score well below those of his rivals François Legault and Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. Those around the leader say they take note of the dissatisfaction.

It's just a fraction of the members who are present: they are the most involved but also the most demanding. This explains why the result is slightly lower than our estimates from members, said a conservative source close to the leader.

More than 300 delegates from the different local associations voted on Saturday during the Conservative Party of Quebec convention in Lévis.

Since Friday, we have been trying to reduce expectations around the leader's vote of confidence. Éric Duhaime said he expected a decent score.

Former candidate in Beauce-Sud, Jonathan Poulin said on Saturday that he sensed discontent within the party. According to him, the leader runs the party too much alone. Despite this, Mr. Poulin believes that Éric Duhaime is still the man for the job, at least for now. Some activists still thought that the score could have exceeded the 80% mark.

Friday, the conservative leader recognized that the results of the last election campaign had created disappointment and discontent among the conservatives. The Conservative Party (PCQ) did not elect any candidate.

According to the poll aggregator Qc125, this political group would obtain around 12% of the votes today and could win three seats.

Last May, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, obtained a score of 98.6%. Two months earlier, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, reached 98.5%.

In 2005, Bernard Landry had resigned as leader of the PQ, humiliated by a score of 76%. Nine years earlier, Lucien Bouchard had chosen to remain in his position as leader despite 76.7% support.

Until today& #x27;Today, the official name of the PCQ was Conservative Party of Quebec – Équipe Éric Duhaime. During the convention, the leader proposed that the last three words be removed, which the members accepted almost unanimously.


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