Volodymyr Dantes showing a video of Dasha Katsurina

Volodymyr Dantes showing a video of Dasha Katsurina

Volodymyr Dantes showing amazing video with Dasha Katsurina

The couple turned to Ukraine after a favorable tour of the humorist.

The 34-year-old Ukrainian singer Volodymyr Dantes showed an amazing video of his new girlfriend Dasha Katsurina on his Instagram with over 700,000 subscribers.

Ahead of the big man Nadі Dorofєvoї, a favorable tour to support Ukraine beyond the cordon ended. The artist traveled through Europe, and now he has turned to Ukraine. At home, Dantes turned in the company of her maiden, bloggers and restaurateur Dasha Katzurina, as if with two children, she decided to move to the capital of Poland, instead of trying to live on two lands.

So, on his Instagram, the Ukrainian speaker published a few short videos recorded in a car on the way home. Signature Volodymyr Dantes (right name – Gudkov), having shown his kohana and rozpatlanim hair, he asked him to make another video, but the humorist published insults & # 8220; duplicates & # 8221;.

“Wonder who I brought. Vaughn herself asked again & # 8221;, – knowing her followers excholovik Dorofieva.

Volodymyr Dantes showing an amazing video with Dasha Katsurina

Volodymyr Dantes showed amazing video with Dasha Katsurina

stinks went to a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine, they washed up borscht, lard and salted ogyrki.

their novels suspected a few months. And so many of the best friends of theirs played a bit about their friendship “ ” alt=”Volodymyr Dantes showing a funny video with Dasha Katsurina” />

 Volodymyr Dantes showing a wicked video of Dasha Katsurina