Volkswagen brings the Polo Harlequin back to life with this concept

Volkswagen brings the Polo Harlequin back to life with this concept

Tanned white, black or gray cars? Here is a new concept that will make you smile while evoking beautiful memories.

The Dutch division of Volkswagen has indeed revived the famous Polo Harlequin of the mid-1990s (and its North American version, the Golf Harlequin) by applying the same multicolored treatment to the modern Polo sold in Europe. It’s beautiful to see, isn’t it?

The four brilliant shades randomly arranged – Chagall Blue, Ginster Yellow, Pistachio Green and Tornado Red – are inspired, let us remember, by an advertisement from the 1960s which wanted to illustrate the interchangeability of the Beetle’s body panels.

Photo: Volkswagen

The original Harlequin Polo eventually sold in some 3,200 units. On this side of the Atlantic, the Golf Harlequin had found only 264 buyers and a little less than half would still be on the roads.

This time, Volkswagen has no intention of marketing the car. It is a unique specimen that is simply a tribute and that some may have the chance to see one day in a museum in the Netherlands or elsewhere.

This is another reason to be jealous. In case you still didn’t know, the new eighth-generation Golf won’t be coming to Canada in its base version. We will only be entitled to Golf GTI and Golf R.

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