Vladimir Cerrón: Peru Libre “has no intention of disqualifying, suspending or vacating” Pedro Castillo

Vladimir Cerrón: Peru Libre “has no intention of disqualifying, suspending or vacating” Pedro Castillo

The general secretary of said party also denied that the “purpose of getting rid” of Castillo and replacing him with Dina Boluarte had been stated or insinuated.

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    Vladimir Cerrón: Peru Libre “has no intention to disable, suspend or vacar” to Pedro Castillo

    Vladimir Cerrón referred to the possible vacancy or disqualification of President Pedro Castillo | Photo: Vladimir Cerrón/Facebook

    The secretary general of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, assured that his party “has no intention” of disqualifying, suspending or vacating the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo.

    Through a column published on the Peru Libre website, the also former regional governor of Junín referred to the editorial by the journalist César Hildebrandt in his weekly 'Hildebrandt en sus trece'.

    < p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">“The Partyhas no intention of disqualifying, suspending or vacating Pedro Castillo; he never assumed such a position, but it does maintain a critical stance towards what it believes is questionable, without this meaning bending to the right. For us, the parameter that defines whether we are with the people or against them is the party's program, not the President”, he expressed.

    Cerrón Rojas also denied that in any private or public party meeting, clandestine, or text message, etc., the has been manifested or insinuated“purpose of getting rid of Pedro Castillo and replacing him with Dina Boluarte”, so that she “is in charge of the speech on July 28”.

    Nevertheless, he admitted that the vice president and also the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion communicated with him by telephone, through an intermediary, although he clarified that his party did not deliberate nor agree at all nothing with her.

    “Like the President, he was given the necessary time to resign because we do not want to harm the no one, even if there has been ingratitude with us”, he stressed.

    The The former regional governor also justified the censorship of the Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache, alleging a “brutal persecution, the legal and illegal adjustments of which they are victims”party leaders and authorities, including congressmen Waldemar Cerrón and Guido Bellido.

    “It is It is true that all this was not the initiative of the censored minister, but it happens that the problem is continuity and indifference to the abuses mentioned, but it is also obvious that the President knows this and allows it, stated.

    “The Party is persecuted, but with the other standard, the escape of characters who have muddied the government's institutions and also the Party's is allowed. Should the party remain neutral?”, he added.

    Finally, regarding the censorship of the Minister of Labor and Promotion of Employment, Betssy Chávez, Vladimir Cerrón revealed that “it was the highest level of the Executive that requested, through a congressman, that the caucus vote for censorship ” and the request was then insisted on by another spokesperson.

    “It should be clear that neither of the two circumstances influenced us to take our own position, neither the order of the Executive, nor the right-wing pressure. Both the censorship of Chávez and that of Senmache, once debated within the party, occurred because the Party had its own specifications”, he asserted.