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Vlad Darwin & Marko Kvitka presented the sensual composition “March April”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

Vlad Darwin & Marko Kvitka presented a sensual composition “March April”

Vlad Darwin and Marko Kvitka/YouTube

The performer Vlad Darwin and the finalist of the show “The Voice of the Country”, the singer Marko Kvitka, have joined forces to present listeners with an unusual musical experiment. They created a gentle spring duet song “March April”.

In the new song, the performers combined the drama of modern Ukraine and the life-affirming energy of spring awakening. Watch the atmospheric clip “March April” on YouTube.

Vlad and Marko met several years ago, when Marko moved to Kyiv from Kramatorsk. Already then, the burden of Russian aggression was felt in the city. Vlad was impressed not only by Mark's creative skills, but also by the story about the difficult times in his native Kramatorsk, which was under occupation. Then Vlad Darwin decided that they must create a joint song.

I am currently working on an album of collaborations with young artists. Marko became the first artist of a new stage of my work. I am also working in a male duet for the first time. He is an extraordinary vocalist who has already demonstrated his skills in many television shows. It was not for nothing that Tina Karol invited him to her tour as a backing vocalist. But he also has solo performances on tour. Working with his voice was fascinating. He is able to touch the strings of the soul, – shared the author of the song, Vlad Darwin.

A large team of famous musicians worked on the sound of the song “March April”: producers Andriy Tropeshko and Oleksandr Sadovets, pianist Oleksandr Ognivets, bass guitarist Mykola Kistenev, guitarist Oleksandr Leonov, violinist Matviy Mironov, vocalist Olga Neka. Together they created a piece of music that carries the message of the irrevocable victory of light over darkness.

For me, “March April” is a song of gratitude, memory, compassion and faith. And its final version reflects all the contrast of emotions that I experienced for the past two years, being far from my family that remained in Kramatorsk, 30 km from the front line. I am grateful to Vlad for his openness to creativity and professionalism – this is an important experience for me. We created a duet of two creative generations, combined our voices, and called this spring for hopes and achievements, Marko adds.

Together with the song, the performers present to the audience a music video directed by promising Ukrainian clip maker Oleksandr Girchenko. He is known for works for many artists, including KOLA, Alena Omargalieva, Chekson, SHOZHA and others. The minimalist and atmospheric video shot at night emphasizes the symbolism of the song “March April”.

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