Viyskkomati of Belarus send requests for “mobilization education”

Viyskkomati of Belarus send requests for “mobilization education”

Viyskkomati of Belarus to send notices to «mobilization start»

In Belarus, in the Gomel region, from 22 worms to 1 lime, there will be a planned training with the Viysk commissariats.

Choose the accumulated strength of the regions of the region, having raised the Viysk commissar of the Gomel region Andriy Krivonosov, write «Belta».

« categories of military servicemen, trainees, military units, s’days, organization of military administration. Theme — transition from peaceful to military hour»,— Go to the police.

Go to the planned mobilization training with the military commissariats and organizations The military forces that are deployed on the territory of the region, with the method of increasing the level of combat and mobilization readiness of the military commissariats. And also the improvement of the military knowledge and practical skills of the military animals.

Vodnochas Viysk expert Oleg Zhdanov on air with the Russian law enforcement officerMark Feigin rozpovіv that Belarus received «instructions for mobilization». Viyskkomati rozsilayut notifications of viyskovozobov’asim.

« take up to 8 limes. Belarus has closed its expanses for all its revolts, wanting to go to the quay of the country and so there are no Russian occupiers, not Lithuanians. The stench will conduct training for the mobilization of viyskovozobov & # 8217; yazanih & # 187;, & # 8212; stating Zhdanov.

Vin adding that the mobilization of Belarusians of duty from the military commissariats, starting from 17-18 chervnia.