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Vitaly Kozlovsky showed his pregnant wife for the first time in a new clip

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar22,2024

Vitaly Kozlovsky showed his pregnant wife for the first time in a new clip

Vitaly Kozlovsky/YouTube

Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky commented for the first time on rumors that he will become a father. The performer did it in an original way – by recording a clip for the new track.

Today, March 22, Ukrainian singer and military officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vitaly Kozlovsky presented the new incredible track “Rubizh”. In the video of the same name, his pregnant wife starred for the first time.

The name of the new composition “Rubizh” is symbolic, as it represents both the border between civilian and military life, and changes in Vitaly's personal life. And this is also the name of the rapid response brigade of NSU, to which he was mobilized last year.

The only thing that war cannot take away from us is faith, love for our relatives, and the will to live. and continue his family, Kozlovskyi said.

In the clip, Vitaliy appears in a very unexpected image – before the eyes of the audience, he turns into an elderly person. This is a kind of allegory of time, which war ruthlessly steals from all of us, taking away youth and resources.

If in civilian life you live by plans, periods, expectations, memories, then in war your life is seconds. You don't know if tomorrow will come and it is this feeling that makes every moment priceless, Kozlovsky shared.

This song symbolically came to the artist last summer, in those days when he was already mobilized. He recorded it the day before his trip to Donbas, where he served in the artillery. The opportunity to shoot a video appeared only now, when Vitaly was transferred to serve in Kyiv.

Let us remind you that after the news about Vitaly Kozlovsky's marriage, rumors that he will soon become a father immediately appeared on the Internet. The artist did not deny or confirm this information, and now he released a clip in which he showed his pregnant wife for the first time.

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