Visiting the Tomb of the Wife of the Prospective Husband, Melanie Putria Asks for Permission to Take Care of the Child

September 14, 2021 by archyde


Melanie Putria and Aldico Sapardan are coming soon marry, Mother. In the midst of their busy preparations for a happy day, Melanie did not forget to visit the grave of her future husband’s wife, Puteri.

On Sunday (12/9/2021), Melanie had just visited or visited the grave of her future husband’s wife, Mother. Accompanied by Aldi, Melanie then revealed the sadness she felt.

This expression of sadness he poured in his Instagram account Melanie Putria. Not only that, he also said that the whole story that Aldi told about Puteri was very beautiful.

“Assalamualaikum Princess, This is my first time coming. @aldicosapardan tells a lot about you. And everything is beautiful,” he wrote on the account @melanieputria seen on Tuesday (14/9/2021).

Melanie then expressed her sadness after hearing the story that was told about Putri, Mother. Even so, the sadness that is felt is not because Aldi remembers his past, but because Melanie knows very well that there is a wound in Aldi’s heart when he loses Princess.

“But strangely, every time I hear him talk about you for some reason my heart hurts. It doesn’t hurt to hear him say your name. That’s not it,” he said.

“But for some reason, I feel like I can feel the pain and deep hurt in his heart when he has to lose you,” he continued.

Melanie said that Aldi really misses the figure of Puteri in his life. Especially at that time Aldi and Puteri were waiting for the arrival of the baby.

“Losing the woman he loved so much and the little angel you were looking forward to the most,” Melanie explained.

It didn’t stop there, Melanie also revealed her desire to take care of her child from Putri and Aldi, Mother. He also asked permission to love his son like his own.

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