Visiting Oksana Bilozir: how to live Ukrainian legend

On the eve of the birthday, the singer showed his country home

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

В гостях у Оксаны Билозир: как живет украинская легенда

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May 30, the Ukrainian singer Oksana Bilozir will celebrate his 63 years. On the eve of the birthday program “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine” visited the actress. Oksana first showed your house.

Green Oksana not only in yard but also outside it – in the territory of the Koncha-Zaspa, where she lives with the family.

“We have a little Paradise. But – pine. Them more than 120 years, they all counted, have the room and can not touch them. It is a great happiness to live near trees,” conducts a tour of his territory Bilozir.

The house actress is also closer to nature – completely made of wood. According to Oksana, every thing here is special: “All that’s in here, it’s very, very symbolic, each object has its own history”.

For flowers Oksana caring along with his mother, and often invites friends for a visit: “Who first comes from my friends, saying, “God, you’re here in the Museum.”

Also Oksana Bilozir remembered that terrible when its Minister of culture almost turned into a tragedy – the singer was poisoned and she spent a whole year in the hospital.

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