Visiting banned in London

Visiting banned in London

London is tightening quarantine measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. British Minister of Health Matt Hancock said this, quoted by the Yorkshire Evening Post.

From Saturday, October 17, the city will be banned from meeting indoors (in particular, going on a visit), gathering on the street for more than six people, and also driving around the city or country, unless it concerns a vital matter. Bicycles and scooters are recommended as a means of transportation. According to the three-tier system of restrictions introduced by the British authorities, London is already on the second of them.

In late September, several thousand people gathered to protest the isolation in the city. At first, the police did not disperse the citizens, but later there were clashes between law enforcement officers and protesters, who began to throw bottles of water at law enforcement officers.

According to the latest data, 657 thousand people are infected in the UK, 43 thousand have died.

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