Viryani ruled the mass fight near the village behind the church (video)

Viryani ruled the mass fight near the village behind the church (video)

Viryans ruled the mass battle near the village behind the church (video)

Photo: Suspіlne

At the village of Kolodnya of the Zbaraz community, a conflict arose between the parathians of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

As the headman of the village, Igor Gorbonis Suspilny, rose, a super river of vinification through one of the three temples near the village. Church of St. Nicholas, which is a monument to architecture. The temple was opened in 1584, roci, buv zruynovaniy at the hour of the Other Holy War, and in 1991 roci yoga was performed for a lot of money. Vіn laying down the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy).

29 May the inhabitants of Kolodny Virishil went to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, – Igor Gorbonis, head of the village, reproached.

"More, like two-thirds of the people showed the hope to change the confession– tse 211 people and, moreover, the civilians were also telephoned, as if they were fighting at the gathering of our state – 6 more osib. So they said to include them in qi lists”, – like a headman.

Oskіlki part of the community was lost in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), representatives of the OCU called for a week of worship in this church in Pochergovo, – rozpovidaє Igor Gorbonis.

"The priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, having voiced the prayer service of vranci at 7.40, to come and pray to the temple, the oskolki at 8.30 it was done about the divine service of the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). We all arrived at 7:30, and representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church arrived at 7, not at 8:30. The stench began to provoke people on the back with verbal super girls, and some super girls turned into a sharpanina, you can say in a beat, & ndash; even Igor Gorbonis.

Church warden Yaroslav Sisak – one of the inhabitants of the village, yakі vyrishili not go to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. A man, it seems, is not good at the liturgical service.

"Simply imagine, for God's sake. Officially, our parish community is the ruler of the church and lane. Official registration documents for our parafial community, officially did not show us any documents. Then it became clear to us that the stench carried out a battle with the damaged ones, so only those who see the temple can win the share of one parish community, – rozpovidє Yaroslav Sisak.

Residents of Kolodnoe rallied at the side of the government to subscribe to the support of the bill of the Verkhovna Rada for the sake of “On the fence of the Moscow Patriarchate on the territory of Ukraine”. For the words of the old age of the community, 200 signatures were taken in a day. Signed by comer Rostislav Rozdolsky. It seems like a man, yogo son is fighting for Ukraine, but you want to pray in the Ukrainian church.

"On Saturday we tidied up the white of the church, I mav rozmov zі church elder Yaroslav Sisak and we spoke on this topic. I said that you need to peacefully, amicably receive the keys and peacefully move to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Vіn on tse did not wait. Our lads are defending the state at the gathering, but we can’t be appointed here, where should we go, & ndash; Rostyslav Rozdolsky resigned.

Valentina Sokolik also put her signature.

"We live near our village richly rocky and may have a sound mind. It’s not our fault to cook and fight like that, & ndash; seems like a woman.

Orislava Oliynik – one is quiet, who crosses to the OCU. It seems, bachila, on the 19th of the worm, a beat began.

"Those that I bachila – the shtovkhanina, sharpanina, and so unreasonably from the other side begin, but we won’t stand still. We must be protected, we also could not marvel, as if we were our priest, more like, a Ukrainian priest, & ndash;

On the day of worship, if there was a conflict, Lydia Bereza came. Zhіnka it seems, people beat the priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

“They threw our priest to the ground, Father Boris, and kicked him, I'm sure. Cross zderli z new, yak? Well, the stench was stabbed so badly that they started. I say: “There will be Ukraine!” – “There will be no Ukraine!” Well, since you are a Ukrainian church and I am Ukrainian, then let's all go to the church at once to pray, why can such a rozpodil? rozpovidaє Lydia Bereza.

Maria Kolityuk – one of the quiet parishioners, yakі vyrіshili zashishitisya in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). She told me why she came to the service earlier with the others.

"Svetlana called us and said that the church was not tidy, maybe we could help clean it up. There was a pavutinnya, de kvity set. We came a little earlier”, & ndash; seems like a woman.

Friday of the beat, rozpovidaє Maria, wrested with injuries.

"Whoever took me from two sides by the hands, and whoever touched me from behind, I flew a great distance. As a result of this, I had a heavy cloud of the left knee, and through a stressful situation, a vice rose, & ndash; rozpovidaє Marya Kolityuk.

Who rozpochav bіyku – people don't say. One of the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Anastasia Kandirina, rose up to commemorate me.

"Stood, sang troparia, liturgical songs, an akathist to Mikolaj, their offal began and the women were chosen to beat us. A group of aggressively trained people was selected. While the stench didn’t chip us, we slept and minted the father. Then, at that moment, the stench all approached and fell down, the shtovkhanina began to appear. The stinks piled on, everyone began to fall, they also began to shtovhati, by the hands they pulled people, women. We didn’t show any aggression, for we are Christians, & ndash; rozpovidaє Anastasia Kandirina.

At the same time, the temple of conceptions and services should not be held there every day for parishes. The priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Boris Leskiv, is ready to serve hand in hand in the church.

"We are ready. The axis is on the other side, why doesn’t it show such a fuss, & ndash; Father Boris Leskiv.

Priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) Father Oleksandr May I give my wake to someone. Based on what? ", – the priest reproached.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich