Virtual expulsion – “We are disappointed” – EA throws Swiss national team out of “Fifa 22”

September 14, 2021 by archyde

Published14. September 2021, 10:29

No Swiss national team in “Fifa 22”. The national team is canceled for the first time in history. The Swiss scene is disappointed and wants to go to EA with the association.

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EA throws the Swiss national team out of “Fifa 22”. Other countries are also affected.

Virtual expulsion – “We are disappointed” – EA throws Swiss national team out of “Fifa 22”

Virtual expulsion – “We are disappointed” – EA throws Swiss national team out of “Fifa 22”

  • EA throws the Swiss national team from “Fifa 22”

  • This will no longer be playable.

  • The players themselves are still in Ultimate Team mode.

  • The Swiss esports scene is disappointed and wants to talk to EA.

A relaxed “Fifa” match with friends, a national team duel between Switzerland and Turkey? No longer possible in the future. At least in “Fifa 22”. The national team is canceled from the game that will be released in October. Other countries are also removed from the game (see picture gallery).

But no reason to despair for e-sports. In the most played Ultimate Team mode, the players themselves are still available – after all, their clubs can still be selected in the game. Nevertheless, the scene is disappointed and the Swiss Football Association wants to knock on EA and ask.

There was never an agreement with “Fifa”

Tomas Temperli, Head of eSport at the Swiss Football Association says: “We are disappointed and surprised.” They had not heard from EA and a reason for this was not known. A possible cause could be the jersey license currently held by Konami in the game “Pro Evolution Soccer”. “Fifa” never had the original Libli in the game with the national team. It was just a suggestion.

The original red and white Libli could only be seen on «Pro Evolution Soccer». “But there are other national teams that are only present in one game with the original edition”, says Temperli, “I therefore cannot explain why Fifa is now kicking us out”.

Disappointment is also being announced in the e-sports scene around the eStudios. Event manager Hakan Pazarcikli says: “It’s a shame. Personally, I’ve always played with the national team, it was a cool team for casual games ».

The eStudios now want to knock at EA together with the football association and see if something can be done. “Perhaps Switzerland can be delivered in an update,” said Temperli and Pazarcikli.

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