Virologist: After the pandemic coronavirus medicine expects breakthrough

After the pandemic of coronavirus medicine expects breakthrough. This statement was made doctor of biological Sciences and Professor, Department of Virology, biological faculty, Moscow state University of Lomonosov Alexey Granovsky.

Вирусолог: После пандемии коронавируса медицину ожидает прорыв

As noted in an interview with “the” the scientist, this kind of events make specialized professionals to look differently at familiar things, to look for more accurate methods to work in extreme conditions and generally otherwise organize the work of health systems. Therefore, if we talk about the positive impact of the pandemic COVID-19, it is. The situation with coronavirus can also be viewed as a kind of training to larger scale testing, which is likely to happen in the future. The system starts to adapt: to carry out more tests to make them more accurate, faster to develop. Moreover, it is changing in terms of administration.

The researcher noted that the pandemic coronavirus has also changed people. They have collected more than, comply with the precautions and the social distance. This can lead to a reduction in the number of various infections, including rotavirus. With regard to the lifestyle, then, according to Granovsky, after the pandemic, people will no longer behave as before. Anyway, they just refuse hugs and kisses during the meeting and will avoid too close contact.

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