Virobnik “sonyachnogo” electric car with a range of 1600 km zn

Virobnik “sonyachnogo” electric car with a range of 1600 km zn

Aptera is renewing its investment to launch its Sony electric vehicle with a range of 1,000 miles (over 1,600 km).

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Zelevaki signs of tricols -based construction of the Aerodic support (CD) of the lichen. km, and from the great battery – 1600 km.

A sleepy The battery will only add to the efficiency of the model.

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<p>The variance of the model is installed at a price of 25 thousand dollars, and, wait, wait, it’s cheap for such an electric car.</p>
<p>Before that fate <strong> Aptera has closed a $40 million crowdfunding round</strong>. The company was able to collect over 22,000 car reservations. Aptera ask for a deposit of $100 for the reservation of a sleepy electric car.</p>
<p> of a sleepy electric car with a power reserve of 1600 km, we are looking for investors” /></p>
<p>Now the company has announced that it is investing in order to increase more capital, and to secure the rest of the mail to mass destruction to the offensive</p>
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<p> As before, I reminded the American startup Aptera Motors by showing another prototype of a three-wheeled electric car powered by sleep energy.</p>
<p>For materials:</p>
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