“Virishiv try a better life”: from the border guards in Belarus to the third day of the service dog

“Virishiv try a better life”: from the border guards in Belarus to the third day of the service dog

Following the words of the volunteers, they tried to turn the dog to the rulers, the protévona turned to the Polish military. Ymovіrno, the dog was beaten, and they were also rotten.

“To try life better” /p></p><p>The Belgian vivcharka on the prizvisko Stiv, as if patrolling the Polish-Belarusian cordon, flowed in three times from their masters – the cordon guards of Belarus. Once the dog crossed over to the Polish cordon, de mіstsevі prikordonniki namagalis yogo vіddati back. About the idea of ​​Polish knowledge “polsatnews”.</p><p></center></p><p id=

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“Polish soldiers were on that side. Vіn nachebto having seen a good aura”, — even the president of the association “Kutok veteranіv” Grzegorz Chmielowski.

Steve leaned back in the Polish watchtower, they did yoga there, and then the Polish soldiers took the dog to the cordon. Three attempts were made to hand over Stiva to the Belarusian services, but all the stinks recognized the failures. The dog was visajuvali, but suddenly turned and lied on the Polish side.

It means that such a behavior is not taman trained dogs, because they don’t throw their masters stench. Dogs, which work in law enforcement agencies, do not change the working life.

Prote Stiv vtik in view of his masters in Belarus. In addition, there were serious illnesses in the new one, and I was short of it.

Volunteer of the organization “Kutok Veterans” Agnieszka Zavorska broke that the dog was beaten up immovably, as if she didn’t win the show, and also she didn’t take away the normal їzhі, but more water from the bread. veterans”, we no longer serve, more too old for others.

“ Thank you for your satisfaction, for having thought of us”, said Agnieszka Zavorska.