Viral video of a dog learning to drive a car with technology

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The steering wheel has a rough cover so Porter the dog's legs don't slip, as well as the car ignition is a button and more technological adaptations< /h2>

Viral video of a dog learning to drive a car with technology

Porter. (photo: TheDrivingDogs)

A few years ago, Porterbecame the first dog in history to drive a car. And you can read this and You will think it's a lie, but the above has no tricks: Porter drove a car on a closed road and even did a 180 degree turn and finally parked.

Unbelievably, this smart dog also made the changes (from first to second). You can see all this in the videothat Infobae will leave a few lines below the news. But, yes, in addition to the technological details to achieve this milestone, some things also need clarification.

And the idea of ​​teaching a dog to drive seems very strange, but has an explanation. He was part of a campaign by the Royal Society of New Zealand for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The purpose was for the abandoned and mistreated dogs that this society takes in to be highly intelligent animals, willing to learn and even to drive a car. Thus, they could deserve and have the opportunity to be adopted.

It is important to note that each year the SPCA collects more than 37,000 stray animals from the streets and finds homes for them. It's fine as an advertising campaign to have an impact, but it's one thing to have a specific idea and another to execute it effectively.

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How the technology of a car was adapted for Porter to drive

To achieve this milestone, the SPCA trained three dogs, Monty, Ginny and Porter, under a specialized trainer, for two months.

To enable driving, it was divided into ten basic tasks: driving, braking, accelerating, turning left and right, among other basic tasks to drive decently. The dogs learned these tasks separately, associated with a specific command from their trainer. This alone is worth a lot.

A dog named Porter managed to drive a vehicle

For a domestic dog to drive, clearly the car must be adapted. As you can see in the video, the steering wheel has a rough cover to prevent the legs from slipping. Functions like starting the car are done with a button rather than a key, and the push mechanism had to be adjusted with the feet to access the brake and pedals.

After After finishing the training, the test was carried out. Does Porter the dog really drive the car or not? It depends on how the Infobae reader interprets it. Technically yes. Press the accelerator, steer around a corner, and brake to park.

But he only does it because the trainer gives him orders with a task that he must always fulfill. Porter dog is not aware of handling, he does not know what he is doing. He simply follows the commands he gives his trainer: put one foot here, move feet to the side to turn, etc.

Viral video of a dog learning to drive a car with technology

Porter. (photo: TheDrivingDogs)

However, training is very valuable because learning so many different tasks is not easy. And it's amazing how a dog stays still and calm while driving like a human.

Anyway, this video of the first dog driving a car caused a lot of stir a few years ago and achieved its goal: to show how intelligent, obedient and eager to learn abandoned dogs are. Why not adopt? To take into consideration.

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