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September 14, 2021 by archyde

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For just over four years a man from North Carolina has bought his lottery ticket at the same store and has already won the jackpot three times. This time Terry Splawn added $ 100,000 to his account after purchasing a Premiere Cash ticket on Labor Day at USA, last Monday, September 6. This is his story that is viral. What would you do?

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Fortune has smiled at the American three times since 2017 and all tickets have been purchased at the same store in Concord, Sam’s Mini Stop, on Old Charlotte Road.

The first time he was awarded a million dollars after buying a Millionaire Bucks ticket. Two years later, in March 2019, he purchased a Scratch-Off ticket from Explosión and also added a million dollars to his bank account.

The third is still the charm

On September 6, a holiday in the United States, Terry Splawn He came to the same Concord store to purchase his ticket and was delighted to discover that he was the $ 100,000 winner of the North Carolina Education Lottery, which is run by the state government.

“It was on Labor Day (…) So, it was a really nice surprise for the day.”explained the man as pick up WBTV.

Terry Splawn claimed his prize on Wednesday, September 8, taking home nearly $ 70,800 after the federal and state tax withholdings required from the lottery.

After checking for the third time that he was born with luck, this man who assures that “It’s fun to win”, he will continue playing the lottery and the winning streak does not abandon him, he will be seen again on the podium raising his check.

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