Violence, suspects, autopsy… Update on the death of little Imran, found partially frozen

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Murder The body of the little boy, aged 7, was found in Perpignan at his father's home

Violence, suspects, autopsy. .. Update on the death of little Imran, found partially frozen

The Perpignan judicial police are in charge of the investigation. — ALLILI MOURAD/SIPA

  • On September 14, the body of little Imran was discovered in the bathtub of the family home. Everything suggests that he was killed, then frozen. His body bears the marks of numerous acts of violence.
  • Known to the courts, Imran's father is considered the main suspect. Salim B., aged 28, had custody of the children even though the mother had filed a complaint in June for violence against herself and her children.
  • 20 Minutes takes stock of this affair even though the father would have expressed no empathy for his son.

“A horrible scene, which chills the blood”, recalls Franck Rovira, the regional secretary of the Alliance Police union. “Certainly, the job of police officer is difficult, we are never invited to a wedding or a happy event. But there, it’s particularly appalling,” he explains to France Bleu Roussillon. On Thursday, September 14, security officials Departmental investigators discovered the swollen body. of a 7 year old child in a bathtub. All elements left to their original content. to think that it would have been previously frozen. The father, present during this discovery, is considered as the main suspect.20 Minutestakes stock.

How was little Imran's body discovered? discovered?

On September 14, a company of the funeral directors of Perpignan is contacted by a man. He explains that his son died. and that he wishes to proceed with the lifting of the body, in order to bury it in Algeria. Faced with this unusual request, the employee asks him for more information, including his name and address. The father then sends him a death certificate, which turns out to be a fake. The doctor explains to you the employee funeral directors, who contacted him because of his doubts, never having signed such a document. The employee alerted the police who immediately sent a patrol to this building in the popular Bas-Vernet district, in the Pyrénées-Orientales prefecture.

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On site and faced with the lack of response, the officials broke down the front door. They then discovered the body of the little boy in the bathtub, the body covered in bruises and still partly frozen. Everything leaves up to date. to think that he would have been dead for several days, before having been killed. put in a freezer, placed in a freezer à next to it from the bathtub to when the police arrived.

Why did the father have custody of the three children?

Questioned in the apartment, the father, Salim B., aged aged 28, would not have expressed no empathy for his son. Known to the courts for acts of violence, he nevertheless had custody of his children. The mother's psychological problems are believed to be the cause. the origin of this decision.

According to the latter’s lawyer, Me Ilyacine Maallaoui, she would have filed a complaint against her. a handrail in January 2023. Then an “extremely detailed” for violence against herself and their children in June. “She knew [that her children were in danger] and she carried it à knowledge of the judicial institution, through the police station, explained the lawyer on the set of BFM.

Why were the uncle and paternal grandmother killed? indicted?

The little boy's father was killed. indicted on Sunday for « murder of a 15 year old minor » and for « attempted murder » on his two daughters, aged 4 and 5. Two children dropped off by their uncle at the emergency room of the Perpignan hospital center, at the very moment when the police discovered the body of their brother. Both bore the scars of numerous acts of violence. The most affected is unconscious and has significant head trauma. Their vital prognosis is poor. this day more engaged.

In the process, the uncle was arrested, as was the mother of the two men. Both were indicted on Sunday for « non-reporting of crime » and placed under judicial control. The investigation was carried out entrusted to the Perpignan judicial police. The autopsy of little Imran must be carried out this Monday. It must in particular make it possible to know the day and circumstances of his death.